In 2018, famous singer Lady Gaga surprised many of her fans with a participation in the advertising campaign of the world-famous brand “Tiffany&Co”. She signed a contract with the famous manufacturer of jewelry, with the result that Lady Gaga became face of the company.

When this news appeared in numerous publications, most people were skeptical about it, as they couldn’t imagine “the mother of monsters” with a new look. But despite the critical predictions, the artist completed her task. Thus, she took part in the photo shoot during the advertising competition, where Lady Gaga tried on a retro look.

In the photos, you can see the star wearing white blouse and black trousers, while her hair is combed neatly, which is strikingly different from the image we used to see on the stage and in her music videos. In addition to the photo shoot, Lady Gaga did a video, where she gave details of her attitude to various jewels.

“I think that jewelry never comes amiss, especially if the environments and circumstances call for it. I think there is a misunderstanding that only men have the right to give women jewels. I profoundly believe that every girl can pamper herself by buying the jewel she likes”, – said Lady Gaga.

Lately, there have been rumors that the famous singer became a participant of the advertising campaign of the famous jewelry house. To date, it is not known whether it will be “Tiffany&Co” or other manufacturer. Neither Lady Gaga herself nor her producers provided any comments on this issue.

Probably, soon we will see the new and more reliable information about it.