Lalaloopsy is an American gaming dolls line of the company MGA Entertainment. Funny colorful characters are made of plastic, including hair, but mimic rag dolls. In 2010, they were originally released as Bitty Buttons, but the name was changed to Lalaloopsy shortly after the release. In the same year, they have become very popular. Today the brand includes a variety of large and small Lalaloopsy dolls, as well as related products. Lalaloopsy dolls are targeted for girls from 4 to 15 years.

A bit of history.

So, July 19, 2010 MGA Entertainment launched the doll line Bitty Buttons showing eight 33cm. original rag dolls. Bitty Buttons slogan line sounded like “Sew magical – Sew cute». They’re cute, colorful and unique – each doll has her birthday and individual character. The doll and her pet were sewn of the same fabric.

The first dolls were:

  • Pillow Featherbed (pet – lamb)
  • Spot Splatter Splash (Pet – zebra)
  • Jewel Sparkles(pet – persian cat)
  • Crumbs Sugar Cookie (pet – mouse);
  • Dot Starlight (pet – bird)
  • Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff (pet – a white bear)
  • Bea Spells-A-Lot (pet – owlet)
  • Peanut Big Top (pet – elephant).

Brand Bitty Buttons was renamed to Lalaloopsy shortly after the release. In November 2010, a line of Lalaloopsy toys received the award «Large Doll».

February 13, 2011, to the existing line of 8 dolls 3 more characters were added: Patch Treasurechest, Blossom Flowerpot, and Tippy Tumblelina . In the same year the company expanded its line of toys, including the new mini version of the dolls. Micro-lalaloopsy dolls each one is about 3 centimeters, with a head that can be removed and placed on the other bodies.

MGA continues to add additional characters to the Lalaloopsy line. In February 2012 it was already more than 50 characters.
In the spring of 2012, the company made a mini-series for DVD, as well as exclusive holiday dolls that could only be found in some retail stores.

Home toy line includes: doll (33 cm), a lot of mini-kits, luxury holiday dolls, mini-series, and Lalaloopsy Littles (younger sisters).

Lalaloopsy are charming dolls designed to teach children that all people are unique and each has its own special way. The idea of the brand is that old things can be new again, and can be used repeatedly and never anything should go to waste. Just like at the creation of Lalaloopsy buttons and old pieces of cloth were used. And according to the legend, dolls got the traits of character, depending on who or what scraps of fabric from which they were sewn belong to.

According to MGA Entertainment company, the dolls “are aimed at developing children’s imagination and creativity to help them learn important life lessons – those are individuality, diversity, and that all deserve a second life.”