You can distinguish your house from the array of others in several ways: to use the incredible color for siding, to choose very bright tiles, or to take advantage of our offer and to decorate your home with beautiful illumination.

First of all, decide what you want to decorate – the walls of the house, the roof or the garden maybe. For decoration of the different areas of your country house, you have a lot different types of lighting.

If you want to create a contour illumination along the perimeter of the walls or the roofs, stop your choice on flexible forms of lighting, for example, it can be the contour led tapes or the flexible neon. Thanks to its special coating, light strips will be able to resist and moisture, and the sun, and even dust. Also you don’t need to care about the lamp replacement frequently – one burned out led does not affect the operation of the entire strip of leds.

By the way, just one flood light can help you to make a direct ray of light and to emphasize the elements of the outside interior. Such lights have different kinds of colors and wide radius of turns, so you can use it for highlight tabs, patterns or just the surface of the walls. The same light sources also are recommended to use for illumination of trees and garden compositions.

Most often lighting design of the country house includes a variety of complex solutions of several types of lighting, so also you can add outdoor wall lights. Such approach lets create more complete picture, and your house will look neat.

A lot of different structures, types of radiation sources and colors make lights for illumination of facades the quite affordable equipment for decoration of your home. The application of such decorations increases not only the visual appeal, but also the safety of the house and the people in it (it reduces the risk of criminal situations). This festive decoration is capable to transform your home in a fairytale castle or romantic place.