The great football player Lionel Messi celebrated his birthday on June 24. In celebration of this event, athlete received an exclusive present from the Russian jewelry plant “Bronnitsy Jewelry”. Especially for the football genius, the jewelers developed the design and created the name ring. It happened for a reason, as during all period of stay in the World Cup, the Argentine team was located in Bronnitsy, on one of the local training camps.

We should mention the unique design of the ring, whose upper part was made in the form of football stadium. There you can see the football field and spectator tribunes. I think we don’t have to explain why this idea was embodied in this ring by the Russian jewelers, creating jewelry for Lionel Messi.

The design of stadium dome is divided into two parts. These symbolic halves describe two stages of life of the great football player. The first half is devoted to Messi’s game for the team of Argentina, and the second symbolizes its game for the famous football club “Barcelona”. Jewelers painted each of the halves the colors of the football club “Barcelona” and the national team, for which Lionel plays. Under the dome, one can find the creeping line with a birthday message for the famous football player.

In the lowest part of the ring, one can see the name of the owner and the order number, under which the player on the football field. Moreover, there is a symbol of championship and its name on the ring.

Jewelers didn’t forget about the main participants of any football tournaments – fans. They are symbolized by the colored stones in place of tribunes.

The ring given to Messi can be worn on a finger. However, it can be also used as a memorial sign/souvenir. A special pedestal, which can be placed next to the numerous awards that the famous football player received during his career, was created precisely for that purpose.