Luxury private jets

Unlike regular flights there is no timetable, and there are no missing planes, instead of nervous passengers there is only ‘luxury’ around you: you will love to fly in a private jet.

900 Hawker XP, Hawker Beechcraft

Inside The Hawker 900 XP your thoughts are released. This luxury model of Beechcraft due to the improved performance, extended range, increased power and a greater degree of comfort is number one among the favorites of the public.
Best-selling midsize business jet of the world is the best in its class in regard to the size of the cabin. For13 million euros there six passengers will accommodate here, even standing – the interior is so spacious. Powerful Honeywell engines provide power of 863 km / h, allowing to make the flight from New York to Honolulu with one single transfer in record time. Low cost of the flight and fuel efficiency will allow even zealous conquerors of heaven to get unalloyed pleasure of this class “de luxe” aircraft.


Gulfstream G550, Gulfstream

If you spend all your life in a villa, so you need a palace for your voyages: Gulfstream G550. Still, the price of 46 million dollars is not everyone’s money.
Stars like Tom Cruise and Barbara Streisand pray for the power of its two engines from Rolls-Royce. John Travolta has a private Gulfstream in his front garden too. G550 is the flagship of Gulfstream fleet. He flies 10,863 kilometers – that is the distance from New York to Tokyo – without a single landing even in strong winds. With Mach number (the ratio of the speed of the aircraft to the speed of sound) to 0.87 (about 1,000 km / h) the aircraft is faster than most business jets. And more luxury: 15.3-meter cabin will provide enough space for 16 passengers. Eight comfortable leather seats and two broad two-place lounges give space to work and relax, and detachable and lockable compartments allow to get some privacy if it is desired. 14 oval panoramic windows fill the interior with light and make door handles and gold taps decorated with sapphires sparkle. Video, DVD and Airshow provide a variety of entertainment options. The system of external cameras gives onetime terms of launch, landing and flying of a machine.


400 Hawker XP, Hawker Beechcraft

Do you need to take on board more passengers or suddenly fly farther than the usual 2,734 kilometers? No matter what you choose, with the Hawker 400 XP flexibility is always flying with you.
This business jet of Beechcraft family gathers points, especially for the possibility of a spontaneous increase in range. In addition, it has the largest and most luxurious cabin of all light aircraft. The interior is decorated in a noble cherry wood, the tables are decorated with gold, so that wealthy clients from the very first flight will feel at home. While the 19 million dollars jet are piercing the sky at a speed of 867 km / h, passengers are resting or working in the elegant, fully adjustable seats. And around …there is comfort, wherever you look. The spacious bathrooms, of course, have a solid door. The temperature and lighting throughout the aircraft can be adjusted depending on the mood, why else would you own a plane? – Dimly lit and poorly ventilated lounge you can get in regular flights too.