There is no need to explain what the fountain is. But the concept of “water slide” means hill of stones arranged. On top of there is a spring, the water from which flows into the pond as a river line. Fountains and slides are not just for decoration. Thanks to them the water is not stagnant and saturated with oxygen, which is essential if the stocked pond.
The waterfall is formed when a stream of water falls from a considerable height at least 1.5-2.0 meters. Size and shape of the jet can be controlled through drains. For example, a powerful stream can be obtained if to pass large amounts of water through the narrow drains. With limited water entry it is running over the surface of a massive boulder. Fine smooth surface is obtained when a flat drain is fenced in with lateral guiding borders.

Cascades are formed by small changes in elevation on the path of a moving stream, speeding on the mountain course. Cascades can be created using artificial reservoirs offered in specialized shops, but these cascades are strongly lose in comparison with natural rifts of blocks laid in the riverbed.

Design of the fountain, cascade or water slide begins with the definition of water picture jet. Depending on the customer the appropriate fountain nozzle (nozzle) of plastic (the cheapest), stainless steel, brass or bronze (the most expensive) is chosen. The higher and wider is a jet than the more powerful pump is required. The nozzle is connected either directly to the discharge nozzle of the pump, or through a system of pipes or hoses.

The principal differences of the fountain pump from any other submersible pump:
First, it consumes relatively small amount of energy: the standard model, which creates a meter height jet, has an engine capacity of just 40 watts.

Secondly, such a pump has a very long service life of up to 60 000 hours. If the package says ‘five years guarantee’ it means five years of continuous operation.

Third, the pump must operate without noise and vibration.

Fourth, such a device pumps quite dirty water, in which there are grains of sand, bits of seaweed and so on. So, to water features are not clogged, the filter pump is equipped with a sponge or a jacket with holes. The ability to change the pressure-flow characteristics of the fountain pump is necessarily provided. Adjustment takes place ‘on the passage’ (part of the water is discharged back into the water body) or “by power” – by changing the rotor speed (the more expensive models). In the latter case, the pump can be controlled remotely using the remote console (if it is included to the pump supply package).