What makes the garden-plot original and unforgettable? The thorough gardeners will say that the rare sort of flowers, which they managed to grow on the flower-beds. The Jacks of all trades will suppose that this is the unique irrigation system they assembled and installed on their plot. But there is one feature, making your garden unique- the garden ornament. It can be easily made with your own hands and bearing a small part of author’s soul and his approach to life.

You must admit that the process of creating the new “masterpiece” with your own hands pacifies and inspires to the new creative experiments. And the plot, refined with different decorations, looks incredibly cozy. You want to return here time and time again. We offer you to plunge into the world of serenity and beauty. After examination of different ideas you’ll certainly mark off some variants of country-house and home ornament, which you’ll want to realize on your own plot.

The decoration of paths and walk on the garden-plot

The garden paths are not an integral part of garden-plot. However, they make the movement in the garden more comfortable and at the same time refine it. Someone prefers just to concrete the paths, and someone else likes more creative idea of paths’ ornament.

But even if you’re inclined to the concreting, treat this process with creativity and make the concrete paths, where the elements of paving look like the huge leaves or hearts. To cast such tiles, you’ll require special forms, which you can buy in specialty stores. But some skilled craftsmen use special silicone cake pan for this purpose. If you decided to make it in this way, you must consider that these tiles dry long enough. You’ll manage to do only one tiles a day. So, you need either arm yourself with patience, or buy as many cake pans as possible. By the way, such garden ornament can be even colored. For this purpose, you’ll have to impregnate every tile with dyeing composition.

You can also use log cuts, stones, bricks, cobbles, or just gravel the paths. As an original border, you can use colored beer bottles, put with their neck into the ground.

You can use the improvised material to make the garden ornament with your own hands. Show a bit of imagination and your garden-plot will turn into the oasis of peace and comfort.