Halloween is coming! So, it’s time to give some thought to what image you want to choose for the celebration of this holiday. You can complete your costume with the mask, which can not only hide your face, but also save you from the trouble of doing the specific make-up.

Who can you dress up as?

There are many characters of famous film and fairy-tale characters, suitable for the night Sabbath. Especially popular Halloween costumes are: witches, vampires, mummies and other evil spirits. Other common options are the characters of the popular movies, such as “Transformers” or “Harry Potter”. It’s up to you to decide, but according to the traditions of this holiday, it is better to try on the image of some usual monster.

The shops offer a broad assortment of the masks for this night, so that you can easily choose the monster you like. But it is much more interesting to make the Halloween masquerade mask with your own hands. The simplest way is to cut the mas out of pressboard. Make the holes for the eyes, fasten elastic and draw some scary face. The mask made of paper and glue will look more attractive. To make it, take the inflated balloon and paste its half with the pieces of paper. After the papers have dried completely, blow off the balloon and make the holes for the eyes in the ready mask. You can draw any “face” you like, using gouache or acrylic paint. As for the decoration, you can use sparkles, pastes and some additional elements, for example, whiskers or ears.

Give free rein to your imagination and experiment with the improvised material. Then the question how to make Halloween mask will never come up. The sharper your image will be the better, so don’t be afraid to go too far with the color. Besides, you can draw a mask straight on your face, using the special kits of aqua make-up. These paints are intended specially for the picture on the face skin, so they’re completely harmless. The disadvantage of this picture is its fragility. If it’s too hot in the room, the picture will get smeared very fast because of the sweat on the face. Moreover, you’ll have to wash off all this “beauty” after the party.

The night Sabbath in the eve of this holiday is a great reason to have fun with friends, show in the new role and create your own mystic creature. The costumes, made with your own hands, always stand out among the ones you can buy in the shop. So, you’ll certainly become the star of the night.