The elegant lamp shades can be a perfect room decoration. It is very easy to sew them with your own hands. You won’t need much cloth. The cuttings of upholstery material, small rags of your favorite extravagant fabric or just a piece of chintz can be profitably used for this purpose.

The gathered fabric lampshade is put on the metal frame, softens the light and adds romantic touch to the woman’s room. The printed calico with golden pattern on the lampshade casts the soft light, while the big folds darken the front beams, directing it downwards for the comfort of reading.

The lacy toothed festoon decoration along the edge will put the final touch to the lamp shade.

The classic white flax matches the wooden stem perfectly. However, it also blends well with the metal base in elegant room, designed in white and grey shades.

You can sew the golden ribbon of different width on the lower and upper edge of the lamp shade. The upper ribbon fastens the folds. Then it is turned to the wrong side to hide the fabric cuts.

The wire edges of lower ribbon allow forming the lower edge in soft waves.

The lamp shade of linen cloth, decorated with the row of silken ribbon roses, suits for the placing on coffee table, or for the reviving of some corner in austerely designed room. To make one big rose, you’ll require: 1 m of ribbon with wire edges and 50 cm of ribbon for the buds. Bind the ribbon in one hand and sew every layer, so that the stem is tight. The wire edge allows putting the flower petals into any shape.


Measure the depth and circuit of the lower lamp shade. Add 3-6 cm to the length of lamp shade, and give the over-measure for the folds. The over-measure must 1.5 times as long as the circumference of the lamp shade. Add 8-12 cm more for the ruche on the head or double the height of ready ruche, and add 2 cm for folding.

Remember that the thicker are the lamp shade folds, the less light will get through it. Measure the length of the lamp shade from the bend at the bottom to the over-measure for the head ruche. Wrap the rest of the cloth down. Trim the both pieces of cloth accurately and smooth the cuts down. Sew close to the smooth fold, leaving 2 cm unspiked. At the distance of 1.5 cm, make another seam. Put the ribbon through the hole and bind it up, tightening the top of the lamp shade around the lower lamp shade.

Beautifully decorated lamp shade will make your lamp more attractive and comfortable!