Using the programs of interior design online, you can plan the design of your apartment, room or any other accommodation with your own hands. At that, you won’t have to pay for the work of designer.

In addition, such program give a possibility to arrange the 3D furniture of your from your favorite shop in the virtual room, to paint the walls, to lay the carpet, and even to hang the portrait on the wall. And in the end you’ll be able to calculate the total cost of materials. If you wish, you can order it to your home.

General recommendations on the work with 3D interior design

To have a possibility to keep your design projects, enter the free 3D program for the interior design, choose the file format and press the button “Save”.

Every program of 3D design is arranged very simple. Some programs have small cameras for the additional comfort, moving along the perimeter of the room. So, you see everything that the camera sees. That’s why to examine the room at necessary 3D-angle, you only need to locate the camera at a certain point, at a suitable height and turning angle.

5 simple standard steps to create the design of your apartment with your own hands.

  1. To create your room from the ground up, create the new project in the open window of the chosen program.
  2. Choose the planning and set the measurements of your room with your own hands. In many programs you can change the measurements in running order, moving and stretching the walls of the room with a mouse.
  3. Place the doors and windows on the walls, also carrying them from the catalogue to the top view.
  4. Place all the necessary furniture on the plan.
  5. Make the décor- paint the walls, choose the wallpaper and floor covering.

The use of online programs will help you to model your house, paint, place the furniture and choose the suitable accessories. You’re safe from the boring experiments, connected with the experiments on the furniture moving dresser and refrigerator when you have to transfer the soft corner, dresser and refrigerator. All you need is to set the right size of accommodation, the location of doors and windows, to choose the furniture and start the boldest experiments.