It is no secret that sleep quality is a determining factor in the health and proper development of the baby.
For this reason, the choice of a mattress in a crib is extremely important and responsible.
In today’s abundance of children’s mattresses to make the right choice becomes more difficult, because every detail is of paramount importance.

A fundamental factor in choosing a mattress should be its rigidity. Newborn babies do not have an S-shaped curvature of the spine, it is formed only in 2-3 years. That is why the first years of life the baby should sleep on a firm enough mattress so as not to disturb the physiological gradual formation of the spine.

Types of matresses

Mattresses are divided into spring and springless. Springless mattresses differ in their filling.
The filler of mattresses can be natural and synthetic. To natural mattresses are included matresses of horsehair, seaweed, coconut fiber. The most popular and affordable is the mattress made of coconut fiber.

  • Mattresses made of coconut coir are extremely tough and, according to podiatrists, are considered ideal for the newborn baby.
    Mattress made of coconut coir is natural, good conductor of air and provides comfort in both winter and summer.
  • Mattresses made of polyurethane foam – this is not the notorious foam. For a reasonable price you can buy a fairly hard mattress of high quality material.

Choosing among polyurethane foam of mattresses, it is important to remember the signs of the quality of such products:

  • Weight. The heavier, the stronger the mattress and higher the period of its operation;
  • Stiffness. Practical way (push, sit down), check the rigidity of the mattress. Remember: the younger the child, the tougher should be mattress.
  • Stability. Observe how quickly the mattress returns to its original shape after the pressure on him. The faster the better.

General rules for the selection of the mattress:

  1. The right size
    The mattress should clearly match the size of the crib. If it is bigger than the mattress it will bend and deform. With insufficient size of the mattress the leg of standing in the crib baby can be injured, trapped between the crib and the mattress. In this context, important is the hard mattress support on the perimeter.
  2. Hypoallergenic and security
    Unscrupulous manufacturers may use toxic impregnation and prohibited synthetic materials. Do not hesitate to request certificates for products and scrutinize the label.
  3. Cover
    Choose a mattress cover made of natural fabrics. An important condition – the ability to take cover for a regular wash. Pay attention to seams cover. The sleeping area should be smooth, without seams.
  4. Basis for the mattress
    An ideal base for the mattress – all season-slatted cover. This base allows the mattress to fully ‘breathe’, to evenly distribute the load and fully exerts its orthopedic properties.

Typically, babies of the first year – are frequent visitors in the parental bed. Caring for kids – a great incentive to take care of yourself. Make a critical assessment of a family bed and, if necessary, get a new good mattress.