In 2003, Mazda 6 succeeded Mazda 626. Changing the index symbolizes image renewal. From now it’s not a commonplace family vehicle, but a sport-tuned roomy car. Mazda has managed to change the perception of the brand – in this car there is nothing from the previous models. New design, new interior, new platform, enhanced performance, driving dynamics, all that distinguishes the new car from its predecessor Mazda 626.

Mazda 6 design is a harmonious blend of the classic elements, that includes corporate identity and new pioneering ideas that are surprising and clearly distinguish the car from the crowd. Powerful and muscular look of the car is brought by the athletic contours of the body and swollen wheel arches.

The flowing lines of the body, flared wheel arches and stunning optics are only parts of what determines the uncompromising appearance of Mazda 6. Mazda 6 optics is unusual in that dipped and high beams, fog lights, parking lights and turn signals were put together in one block.
There are three body styles: sedan, hatchback, and sport wagon Mazda 6. Each of the three variants is dynamic, elegant and functional.
If we talk about the sedan, this is a car of the middle class, which has the highest level of performance. Modern, stylish and sporty design of the car is combined with a spacious, functional interior, as well as a completely new series of engines.

Mazda 6 hatchback is a versatile in all ways. The car combines functionality and comfort, and also has a handy dashboard and a large choice of powerful engines.

Wagon completes Mazda 6 line. The car with this type of bodywork offers everything you need. The car has a functional, versatile and spacious interior. The latest diesel engine and the availability of all-wheel drive (4WD) makes the Mazda 6 wagon a real pleasure to drive. In addition to all the above, it is an excellent quality and high-quality finish of refined design.

The interior of the vehicle meets the highest modern requirements. The ultra-modern materials throughout the interior, high-quality plastic and light alloys, leather steering wheel and shift knob PPC define standard, regardless of body type.

The interior is not only stylish, but also comfortable. Concise classic design, all parts must be legible and perfectly aligned with each other, and most of the panels are made of soft plastic with a pleasant texture. Leather on the seats, door panels and steering wheel rim gently underlines the solidity and sports motifs of the interior. Convenient handles of adjustments, as well as controls for cruise control and radio on the steering wheel, allow the driver even for a moment not to get distracted from the road in order to make driving even safer.