In November 2016, Californian voters, by a 15% margin, decided they would like to legalize the purchase, sale and use of marijuana as a soft drug in their state. And this law came into force on January 1. However, you need to be extremely careful: the new law does not mean that all activities related to marijuana will now become legal.

The Adult Marijuana Use Act, or Proposition 64, allows anyone over the age of 21 to legally buy pot at a pharmacy. It also allows Californians to legally grow up to six plants in their own home, or carry around 8 grams in a concentrate like an ointment or oil, or up to 30 grams of herb.

In California, the legal marijuana industry has annual sales of $ 7 billion, from which the government hopes to generate $ 1 billion in tax revenue. (For reference: Colorado has accumulated about $ 500 million in reserve during the first three years tax revenues.) In addition, the government hopes that the industry will create about 1,200 jobs.

Santa Ana is subject to the administrative regulations and laws of Orange County, and therefore, under SB 420, it is perfectly legal to use Medicinal MJ within the city limits. Santa Ana has an even more liberal cannabis treatment policy than other cities in Orange County – MJ dedicated mobile dispensaries continue to operate freely in Santa Ana, while they are officially restricted in other counties in California.

  1. State and Local Laws Regarding Medical Weed in Santa Ana (CA)
  2. How to Apply for 420 Med Evaluations in Santa Ana (CA)?
  3. Traveling with medical marijuana in Santa Ana (CA)
  4. Recommendations for using medicinal marijuana in Santa Ana (CA)
  5. Most Popular Strains of Medical Cannabis in Santa Ana (CA)

State and Local Laws Regarding Medical Weed in Santa Ana (CA)

Santa Ana is the only one in California to regularly authorize MJ’s dedicated mobile cannabis dispensaries. Although it is limited to only 20 company names officially approved by the city administration, it expands the scope of medical cannabis for medical purposes.

Other legislative measures taken to liberalize cannabis use were passed back in 2018 and fully support recreational cannabis use. Persons over 21 years of age who are residents of Santa Ana are allowed to purchase it. On November 4, 2014, at a public vote, the activities of mobile dispensaries and other enterprises engaged in the cultivation and selling of healing cannabis were legalized as part of CA Proposition 64.

Here are the basic requirements for medical marijuana consumers in Santa Ana (CA):

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age or older. You must be an adult to use medical marijuana in Illinois. However, minors can obtain a marijuana medical card with the consent of their legal guardian and after receiving two doctor’s recommendations for marijuana treatment.
  2. You must be diagnosed with an appropriate health condition. The most important requirement for obtaining a medical marijuana card in Illinois is that you have a medical condition that could qualify you for this type of treatment.

How to Apply for 420 Med Evaluations in Santa Ana (CA)?

Today, there is a legitimate program that provides broad support for issuing MMJ recommendations and plastic cards using licensed online services. To receive an MMJ card or official recommendation, you must complete an online application and wait for a doctor to assess your health status and approve an official recommendation for therapeutic marijuana use. Such organizations work only with qualified doctors, and also provide additional services:

  • In fact, issuing approved MMJ prescriptions and plastic cards that are official and fully legal for all medicinal cannabis outlets, administrative pharmacies or specialty dispensaries;
  • Extensive consulting services of the best specialists in the field of medicinal cannabis cultivation to determine the most suitable cannabis strain for your particular case;
  • Recommendations for buying marijuana at certain pharmacies and dispensaries, where the exact medicinal cannabis strains prescribed by the doctor will be guaranteed.

Obtaining a medical marijuana card comes with many benefits that recreational consumers do not enjoy. While there is a fee, it is an investment in your overall cannabis experience and convenience:

  1. Medical patients are served first and foremost and served prior to the rest of consumers
  2. Medical patients have lower taxes than recreational consumers
  3. Medical patients have access to online orders
  4. Medical patients have a higher ownership limit than recreational consumers
  5. Medical patients are eligible for home growth, while recreational patients are not.

Traveling with medical marijuana in Santa Ana (CA)

Santa Ana is one of the statistically youngest cities in America. Almost a third of the population is young people under the age of 21. The city’s infrastructure is ideal for visiting various attractions, especially when relaxed after using cannabis. Locals recommend several main places to go to while you are healing.

Orange County Museum of Arts

The Orange County Museum of Art is a contemporary art museum currently operating in a temporary space at South Coast Plaza Village in Santa Ana, California. The museum’s collection numbers over 3,500 items, mostly from California and the Pacific region from the early 20th century to the present day.

A great place for an excursion or a hike with friends. even if you constantly live in the city. The exhibitions are constantly updated, and the artists of the exhibition are often guests from all over the world. Showcased here are some of the most interesting pieces of contemporary art in Orange County. In a state of mild euphoria when you are being treated, this place will be an excellent repository of creative ideas and just a cozy museum with a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

The Observatory

The Observatory and the Constellation Room are the premier musical venues in Orange County, with the largest selection of musical talent across all genres performing at night. The Observatory is a large room that feels small, with great views from all over the venue and premium options. The Constellation Room is a small venue with great sound, where you can see the stars of the next year in a cozy atmosphere. Remember that a ticket to one show does not give you access to other shows that may be happening at the same time.

Artspace with the ability to host concerts, permanent exhibitions and visits by artists from all over the world. The establishment has a pleasant loft atmosphere, it has a pleasant audience and is an excellent choice for both one-time visits and constant hikes with friends who are drunk after unscrewing stupid marijuana.

Recommendations for using medicinal marijuana in Santa Ana (CA)

There is nothing inharmonious and useless in nature – and this fully applies to medicinal plants that people use in medicines. One of the most underrated of these is hemp. Due to the exceptional health benefits. it is possible to overcome many symptoms of various diseases and solve other problems of modern people, especially residents of large cities. Daily stress can be a serious problem, which is why cannabis can balance many of the harmful factors of daily life, such as depression, anxiety, exhaustion, and even insomnia.

The medical features of marijuana have long been known to doctors and specialists, but ordinary citizens are not so well aware of the features and benefits of using medicinal marijuana:

  • Reduce anxiety significantly. In 2010, researchers at Harvard University suggested that one of the drug’s benefits could be to reduce anxiety, which would improve the smoker’s mood and act as a sedative in low doses.
  • Treating hepatitis C and increasing the effectiveness of treatment. Treatment for hepatitis C has serious side effects, so severe that many people cannot continue treatment. Side effects range from fatigue, nausea, muscle pain, loss of appetite, and depression – sometimes lasting for months.
  • Improves symptoms of lupus, an autoimmune disease. Medical marijuana is used to treat an autoimmune disease called systemic lupus erythematosus, when the body attacks itself for unknown reasons.
  • Protects the brain after a stroke. Research (conducted on rats, mice and monkeys) at the University of Nottingham shows that cannabis can help protect the brain from stroke-related damage by reducing the size of the stroke.

Most Popular Strains of Medical Cannabis in Santa Ana (CA)

Deciding which strain is best to use for a particular person or condition can be very difficult. Many people have never tried marijuana until they discovered a great medicine in it. Even someone who is aware of its relaxing and social effects may not always be able to relate a strain to a specific medical use. When choosing a medicinal cannabis, you need to have a general idea of ​​the difference between indica and sativa in terms of their medicinal effects. All psychotropic hemp contains active compounds known as cannabinoids, but the proportions of their two main constituents in different strains create different effects.

Royal Indica

It is one of the finest purple marijuana varieties in the world. The original Grand Daddy Purple with its incredibly dense, unusually frosty buds have always been a bestseller in the seed market. Sturdy plants maintain a dense profile and grow tons of buds all the way down to the stem. Suitable for growing in most climates, the GDP exhibits fairly good outdoor mold resistance. Purple will come out at the end of flowering, lower temperatures will help speed up the process.

Sour Diesel

Another sativa-dominated variety gets its name from its characteristic sour smell. One of the most common varieties of marijuana due to its special euphoric effect and numerous beneficial medicinal properties. It is often prescribed to patients by psychologists and psychiatrists, since the pronounced euphoric effect of this variety can alleviate even the most severe forms of depression and eliminate the effects of stress. Other healing qualities of this strain include combating various types of pain (Sour Diesel can even overcome severe migraines), chronic fatigue and other problems associated with life in big cities. One of the most popular varieties not only in Santa Ana, but also in other parts of California.

Santa Sativa

This strain is rarely found in medical recipes, but its medicinal properties make it one of the best in the fight against depression. Despite its extraordinary psychoactive properties, taking this strain outside of office hours can quickly suppress almost any manifestation of stress, depression and exhaustion. It also fights insomnia and lack of appetite well, making it an excellent choice as one of the comprehensive remedies to alleviate the suffering of patients with severe cancers, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s.

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