Medical Marijuana Card in Santa Monica, CA 2020

The repressive drug policy in California was replaced by a wave of legalization: marijuana was freely sold, consumed and added to food. This was initially due to the authorities’ inability to control organized crime. But it turns out that legal herb brings in billions of dollars and enriches the entire economy.

You can buy medical marijuana only with a doctor’s prescription, who, after examining the symptoms, will prescribe a specific strain and dosage if necessary. After that, the medical institution will issue the patient a special card confirming his right to purchase drugs.

Medical and recreational marijuana is sold in offline stores, manufacturers’ websites, resellers, or specialized marketplaces. They all offer a variety of varieties, vape dressings, ready-made joints, and other cannabis products. Interestingly, this online infrastructure has spawned new delivery services that deliver weed right to the doorstep. And the manufacturers of packaging and storage jars have also made good progress in the marijuana trade: by 2026 their market will grow to $ 5 billion.

Santa Monica is one of the most visited tourist cities in California, popular with people not only for its close proximity to downtown Los Angeles, but also for the beauty of the waterfront and the famous pier that adjoins the Pacific Ocean and symbolizes the beautiful the American dream.

  1. State and Local Laws Regarding Medical Weed in Santa Monica, CA 2020
  2. How to Apply for 420 Med Evaluations in Santa Monica, CA 2020?
  3. Traveling with medical marijuana in Santa Monica, CA 2020
  4. Recommendations for using medicinal marijuana in Santa Monica, CA 2020 CA
  5. Most Popular Strains of Medical Cannabis in Santa Monica, CA 2020

State and Local Laws Regarding Medical Weed in Santa Monica, CA 2020

In November 2016, more than 25 US states authorized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. That is, in practice, having a headache or severe menstrual pain, you can consult a doctor, and he will write you a permit to smoke marijuana. However, every city also has so-called green doctoral points where you can buy the same permit for $ 20-50.

The primary law governing the medical and recreational trade and use of marijuana in California is SB420. The Proclamation of the Law states that in order to purchase medical marijuana from pharmacies or mobile dispensaries, each visitor must have an approved recommendation (prescription) from a qualified professional or a special MMJ ID card.

This state of affairs was greatly influenced by the activities of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), which was founded in 1970. The main goal of the organization is to decriminalize marijuana for both consumption and cultivation. It was she who contributed to the referendums that further made marijuana free.

According to the NORML program: “The main reason for reforming marijuana laws is not that marijuana is harmless and should be encouraged, but that its use should be a matter of individual choice in a free society. It is a social policy that aims to reduce the harm associated with marijuana use as a criminal. ”

How to Apply for 420 Med Evaluations in Santa Monica, CA 2020?

To obtain a medical cannabis card for purchasing medical marijuana strains from dedicated mobile dispensaries or related pharmacies, you will need an approved recommendation from a qualified doctor. The recommendation is made after a visit to a doctor or after an online interview, which is also considered a legal way to obtain permission to purchase and store medicinal marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes in prescribed amounts.

Formal and legal advice or issue a special MMJ ID card using the Dr. Weedy online service. What are the requirements for getting a medical marijuana card in Santa Monica:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • You must be diagnosed with an appropriate health condition.
  • You must have consent from your doctor.

In addition to the Santa Monica health card application requirements mentioned, you must also complete a patient application, submit a photograph, provide proof of age and identity, and provide proof of residency. In addition, you pay a registration fee, which is non-refundable and applies for one, two or three years. The fee for filing medical marijuana for one year is $ 100.

Traveling with medical marijuana in Santa Monica, CA 2020

Santa Monica is not a cheap resort, it is the birthplace of famous actors Robert Redford, Sean Austin, Judy Lockhart, as well as the founder of MySpace – Tom Anderson. One of the most visited parts of the city is “Santa Monica”, where there are attractions, recreation areas, and once a year in the autumn season, the Taste of Santa Monica festival is held here, where you can taste various dishes and drinks from different restaurants.

Father’s Office

Father’s Office is a bar. Papa’s office is a cult place in Santa Monica, there is a good party here in the evenings, serving burgers and beer. They go not for food, but for atmosphere, although burgers are some of the best in Greater Los Angeles.

There are a lot of people on weekends – there may not be places, it is better to come early. Absolutely safe, no need to be afraid. Average check – about $ 70 two – the average price for Los Angeles bars. For a budget snack with tuna sandwiches or seafood or fish salad, visit Urth Caffe, their website The average bill is $ 25, you won’t find a cheaper place with good tasty food. Recommend.

Pacific amusement park

The world-class amusement park opened in 1996 at Santa Monica Pier. There are attractions for visitors of all ages. The most famous is the world’s only solar-powered Ferris wheel. The main feature of the park is the view of the Pacific Ocean and multi-colored LED lights that create a stunning picture at night. For kids, there are special attractions in the form of a ship, a dragon and cars, and you can ride them even without an adult. For recreation with the whole family, they offer ring and dart throwing, water races, etc.

There is a shop with fun souvenirs, beachwear and surfboards on site. Don’t forget to have a snack after your active holiday. Traditional BBQ, fresh Italian pizza, Mexican burritos and nachos – cuisine here for every taste. Desserts include frozen yogurt, baked goods, or hot chocolate.

Recommendations for using medicinal marijuana in Santa Monica, CA 2020 CA

There is some scientific work that suggests that marijuana has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipsychotic properties. In this regard, doctors hope that this substance will help pharmaceutical companies develop effective drugs against a variety of disorders and diseases that are accompanied by similar symptoms.

Medical cannabis helps to alleviate the following pathological conditions:

  • Pain. Cannabis is not so much an anesthetic as a relaxant that helps the patient to cope with pain as well as relieve inflammation.
  • Muscle tension. Cannabis is used for muscle relaxation in patients with bronchial diseases. In addition, it helps relieve tension in the muscles of the bladder in patients with incontinence.
  • Poor circulation. Medical cannabis improves blood circulation and body heat retention.
  • Cramping. Medical cannabis relieves cramps, which in turn ensures a good quality of sleep. These are muscle spasms that occur when the patient lies in bed – and this prevents him from sleeping.
  • Chemotherapy. Medical cannabis often helps patients overcome their nausea after chemotherapy. After the nausea stops, the patient eats better and even takes medication easier. Cannabis tends to stimulate appetite.
  • Hormonal Disorders. Cannabis helps with menstrual disorders such as premenstrual syndrome.

Most Popular Strains of Medical Cannabis in Santa Monica, CA 2020

One of the main benefits of using Dr.Weedy’s services is the ability to receive personalized advice on the most appropriate medical marijuana strain for your particular case. This way, a doctor can assess your current health status and provide an official recommendation for the use of various medical strains of cannabis, but in order to determine the most suitable strain for your problems, in particular, it is necessary to consult with specialists in the field of cultivation and cultivation of medicinal weeds. So, among the most common types of medical cannabis in Santa Monica are the following:

Sweet Skunk Automatic

This fast flowering cultivar is a cross between Green Poison and Big Devil # 2. It takes just eight weeks from planting seeds to harvesting this very fast growing plant. Depending on the environment the plant grew in, you can expect 40 to 50 grams of yield per plant. This variety can grow in small areas such as gardens or balconies. The cultivar is known for its long-lasting, persistent flavor and aroma, producing a dense, relaxing smoke.

Blueberry cookies

A hybrid curative strain MJ, which is very popular among users of our service. It is often prescribed for patients with a myriad of different health problems, including chronic inflammation, chronic pain, and depressive mental illness associated with insomnia and depression. Perfectly fights against lack of appetite, and the effect of this strain is characterized by pleasant relaxation, characteristic of Indica strains, without a pronounced “stoner”, which allows you to be in high spirits without any particular disturbances in motor coordination or clouding of consciousness.

Royal Cheese Automatic

This variety is for cheese lovers. It is known for its unique, persistent aroma and cheese flavor, taking ten weeks from planting to harvest. Once grown under optimal conditions, you can expect up to 135 grams per plant. The average is 40 grams per plant. Smoking it has a strong effect on the body and has a calming effect.

Doctor Doctor (2Doc)

This rather rare variety is a high CBD sativa, most commonly imported from Asia. It has exceptional properties for overcoming stress and depression. It is one of the strongest CBD strains and is characterized by very low levels of THC, making it ideal for medical use. Other properties of this healing strain are the suppression of nausea, inflammation and significant relaxation effects while maintaining almost complete mental clarity. It is an ideal choice for those patients who require a pronounced relaxing effect with a low psychedelic effect, therefore it is often prescribed for patients with senile diseases.