The household plot is not only a traditional place of rest from the city bustle, but also a kind of business card, on which you can judge the prosperity and welfare of its owner. The common courtesy, for example, has always been to use wrought iron items in the design of the house or garden. Why are people so full for a metal rod, twisted monogram, soaring peaks – it is easy to understand. Just look around you: everywhere we are surrounded by soulless, erected in the cult of practicality items. Hence nostalgia for the old things with their graceful forms and a strong personality is quite understandable. Metal art is giving to the garden landscape, as well as home interior, special chic, it always looks beautiful and dignified. Elegant and original product unwittingly draws the eye and never ceases to please the eye for years.

From under the smiths hammer light lace ligature could go: metal fences and garden gates, gates, windows and balconies of lattice, visors or watercourses. In addition, the technique of artistic forging is used at producing the garden furniture, a romantic gazebo, delicate arches, unique lamps, stylish bookcases and more. For flower vases, cornices and balconies hanging brackets that serve as plant pots are available, where you can put the flowers in pots, tubs or boxes. And if the decoration of metal poles for climbing plants will be somehow hidden under the greenery, the beautiful delicate pyramid or any other figure from wrought iron, set in the center of the flower bed, at the turn on the garden path, or at the transition to the next area of the garden will be its decent decoration. And best of all, that all of this will be an ornament of the garden even in the dullest, cold season, when the garden steeps in slumber under the snow.

As a rule, all items from the wrought iron are performed under individual sketches. If necessary, representatives of the manufacturer go to the cottage or summerhouse for free, where, together with the customer define the dimensions and exemplary design “plot” of future products. They may offer a choice of typical models produced some or other manufacturers. If you need a personal project, a few sketches will be offered to you free of charge to choose from, which will take into account all your wishes.

Typical products are manufactured and installed very quickly, within one working week. Individual orders are carried out in longer periods – from three to six weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the number of small parts.


Metal as a material offers a wide field for the most daring experiments: it can be stamped, drag, bend, crook, forged, minted. It happens that the clear intention does not come at once, so professional designers, who work at every artistic forging enterprise will help to clothe it in a formal way, which you would like to bring in a particular product. Intricate openwork is very durable. After all, the main raw material is a powerful metal rod of square section with a side of 10-40 mm, which takes bizarre forms under the influence of fire and hitting the hammer.