Pumpkin’s global reach helps immigrants meet all of their home maintenance needs as quickly as possible. This is very useful for those who have not yet completely mastered the country of promotion or those who do not understand the language well. This feature sets Pumpkin apart from competitors such as thumbtack.com, whose services are not available from abroad.

Who can use the Pumpkin service:

  1. Immigrants who need to solve problems at home. For personal reasons, they cannot immediately go home to personally resolve the issue, so they order the service from Pumpkin. With the help of this service, immigrants can find a supplier in their home country.
  2. Any household in need of a variety of daily services.

Today it is safe to say that sites for the selection of executors for assignments have become one of the most popular types of marketplaces. Unlike most of the current freelance platforms such as UpWork, Pumpkin not only deals with IT issues, but also offers a wide range of different support services. For each service, customers can find the providers they need.

How to order a service in the Pumpkin service:

  1. The customer leaves a request.
  2. Service providers are notified by email or find a request in the category they are subscribed to.
  3. Clients and providers can communicate with each other via chat, after which they can officially approve the start of cooperation.

Features of the Pumpkin service

The client no longer needs to spend time and effort searching for a free contractor, no more endless queries in search browsers. The customer only needs to call or email to find out who is available and when. Motivated service providers compete for customers. Pumpkin representatives set specific conditions for working with clients before the contractors and monitor the quality of their compliance.

The main advantages of the Pumpkin service:

  1. Pumpkin focuses on cross-border services, unlike other similar online services on the Internet. Pumpkin offers our services in various markets and in the native languages ​​of customers.
  2. Pumpkin has a very simple order form – any client can quickly figure out how to properly arrange a request for a service. Pumpkin customers don’t need to search for service providers online, by phone, or by email. Service providers themselves come to customers with great deals.
  3. Pumpkin offers a wider range of services than most freelance platforms. In addition, Pumpkin is creating new markets for new types of services – telemedicine, 3D printing, home warehouse, etc.
  4. The customer is in constant contact with the contractor through a convenient chat. Pumpkin monitors the quality of tasks.
  5. Pumpkin has low administrative costs.
  6. Pumpkin is located at competitive prices.
  7. Pumpkin strives to develop a huge market and become the best service.

The policy of the service does not provide for sending part of orders for outsourcing, due to the need for full control over the selection of the contractor and his work. For professionals, the service is not a part-time job; it provides performers with a constant load and requests.

In addition, Pumpkin offers a user-friendly mobile application that is made as convenient as possible for all users. This makes the ordering and control over the execution of the service more flexible and comfortable for both the client and the professional. The mobile application supports all modern versions of gadgets.