In the recent time the most popular kinds of ceiling decorating were whitewashing with lime, painting with water-based paint, pasting with wallpaper or photo-wallpaper. Such decorations are used in the apartments, while in country-houses and private houses it is common to install the plank ceiling. It gives the house feeling of warmth and comfort. Natural materials are generally used as the plank covering.

The advantages of the wood sheathing

Wood sheathing has a lot of important advantages over other materials:

  1. High tenacity;
  2. Higher heat- and sound-insulation;
  3. Pleasing view of natural wood;
  4. Natural wood creates the feeling of luxury. It can emphasize the good taste of house owner;
  5. The installation can be fulfilled with your own hands. All you need is a minimum wood work skill, patience and time.

Surely, wooden building materials look great, but they require a lot of attention.
The planks, made of coniferous wood species are notable for their eco-friendliness, which inheres only in natural materials. Due to the using of planks, there is no need for further decoration of the ceiling, since the wood sheathing itself is the decorative element of the interior.

The facing of ceiling with planks is not a very complicated process. Regardless of the material you’ll choose, you’ll have to put only one layer of it. Every other kinds of the ceiling decoration require applying two or more layers.