Model airplanes for sale

Models play an important role in the development of aviation. They help to check the ideas and technical innovations, conduct scientific research. For example, experiments with flying models were very helpful for Alexander Mozhaysky in the creation of the first aircraft. On models he tested the theory and correctness of the assumptions underlying the first aircraft project.

Flying model is one of the best means to check the correctness of theoretical calculations. Currently, a theory is developed which allows to use the results of experiments carried out with models in wind tunnels at the calculations made for natural planes. Principles of flight, images of many phenomena occurring with aircraft in flight are tested and studied on flying models.

Do you want to experience the feeling of flying? Purchase one of radio-controlled planes mentioned below. All models of airplanes on the market are grouped by types:

  • Large aircraft
  • Trainers
  • Aerobatic / 3D
  • Copies
  • Park Flyers
  • Gliders
  • Free Flight

Large airplanes with a wingspan of 2 meters or more are large and have realistic flight characteristics. The most popular ones are series of TOC. These model airplanes are for professional sporters and the dynamics of their behavior in the air is not much different from the real aircraft.

Trainers as the name implies, are the models for training. If you want to buy a radio-controlled airplane, but do not know where to start – start with the trainer. The basic set of management features, good glider and reasonable price will help you get in the air quickly.

Aerobatic 3D models are designed to perform complex aerobatic figures. The special shape of the fuselage, the geometry of the wing and control surfaces, as well as accurately calculated loads on the surface, giving you a total freedom in the air. In this class of model aircraft a wide field is opened for the invention of your own stunts.

Copies of the aircraft are samples of reliability and construction simplicity. The models are made of plywood, wood and balsa using modern technologies of laser cutting. They are notable for the design and outer resemblance to the full-scale originals. In addition, they look great and fly perfectly. Many copies are equipped with retractable landing gear, and additional attachments.

Gliders are a special type of model aircraft, which due to their design perfectly keep to an air stream. The glider can float in the air (under appropriate conditions and skills) for hours. Depending on your preference, you can choose between the motor or towed, run with your hands gliders or ones with a winch.

Park Flyers are small airplanes of simple design with simple controls for pleasure of all pilots regardless of their age. Usually, it is a lightweight and durable foam airplane which is not a pity to drop and which forgives many pilot’s mistakes. They may be of various sizes and with varying geometry, but they share the simplicity and availability.

Free Flight planes are manual started mini-models. These models do not require a complex set of electronics and mechanics. Budget price and beautiful appearance – perhaps that is what you need.