Modern is one of the most popular today. And not just because we’re used to see the features of the recent trends in the interiors, but also because the modern directions are more diverse and multifunctional than the old ones.

In such rooms, you can experiment with the shades, textures and materials without worrying that the contradictions will be misinterpreted.

Having studied the features of every modern style, you will certainly find something to your taste, and the real pictures of modern house interior designs will help you with that.

Before starting with the design of the house in a modern style, you should define the arrangement of furniture and main emphasis in the space. Such design requires free space, not occupied with the large elements. Therefore, the furniture is usually placed against the walls along the perimeter, and the central part of the room is cleared for the creation of the main, accent area you can approach from all sides.

But if your room is very small, you won’t be able to realize this idea. In this case, you should use some other approaches to the creation of the modern interior. Put the small and compact furniture, use light colors and fabrics and stick to the simple forms.

Of course, each room of the modern 10 Marla House Design Pictures In Pakistan have its own features and characteristics. However, you can see some signs of the modern style on all the pictures of interior, regardless of their function.

For example, there are some popular ideas in the modern house interior:

  • geometric combinations. You must not choose the laconic design with its strict lines and right angles: such decoration can be combined with the smooth, curved lines- both in the furniture and in the design;
  • as for the touch of modernity, calm tones became the most common in such rooms. Usually, the modern living rooms have the light colors, and the stylish accents are created through the brighter colors;
  • another trend is the natural materials and similar coatings. Why not decorate the living room with the wooden furniture, decorative stones or wallpaper that imitates leather? By the way, leather will be also suitable in the furnishings: armchairs, chairs, kitchen corners and sofas made of this material are becoming more popular;
  • unusual effect in the modern interior comes from the use of glossy, glass and steel materials: pieces of furniture, small accessories, ceilings or even screens between separate zones;
  • lighting is considered especially important in such interiors. You can make your room more comfortable due to the effective lamps. And if you combine several light sources in one room, you will get the multi-level illumination, relevant in the most modern directions.