One of the crowning achievements of Weber Company is a compact and multifunctional smoker Smokey Mountain Cooker. It is very easy to transport. Due to its small size, you can take it with you for fishing or country picnic. The smoker consists of two levels, which gives you a possibility to cook two dishes simultaneously. Thanks to its special form and lid the taste of cooked dishes proves to be wonderful. The dish is made without excess fat, burnings. It is smoked uniformly from all directions. The thermometer, built into the lid, allows watching the temperature at the time of cooking.

The smoker is equipped with a special tray for adding water, so grilled meat or chicken will prove to be juicy and soft. The use of smoker Smokey Mountain Cooker is easy and safe. The door is made of fireproof material, and the legs of smoker don’t warm up at the time of cooking. At the time of smoking, you can add the coal through the special door and control the temperature with the help of three air holes. The models are represented in different variants with the copper diameter of 47 and 57 cm.

Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker is a unique smoker from Weber. Try to cook your favorite dishes with the help of this grill. The result will be excellent. You can use this device as a barbecue, grill or smoker.

Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker performs the function of American barbecue perfectly (it’s a low-temperature grill with an opportunity of simultaneous smoking). The closed system of cooking enables the cooking of two big steaks at the same time (such as a roast or a bird’s carcass).

The characteristics:

  • A lid and a copper, covered with porcelain enamel;
  • A smoker grill of large size;
  • A thermometer in the lid;
  • A big hole for putting briquettes and sawdust for smoking;
  • 3 separated and adjustable intake holes;
  • The duroplastic handle out of nylon, reinforced with glass fiber;
  • It is completed with high-quality jacket;
  • The chrome-plated grills 2х47 cm;
  • Stable legs;
  • Case for smoking shed;
  • The operation manual Weber with recipes;
  • The depth: 47 cm;
  • The width: 47 cm
  • The height: 102 cm;
  • The diameter of frying surface: 2 х47 cm;
  • The weight: 20 kg;
  • The color: black.
  • The flexible conditions;
  • The brazier Trade-in.

Weber Mountain Smoker allows you to cook the most delicious and healthy dishes. The great possibilities of this smoker won’t disappoint you!