The time in which we live is characterized by a special style in architecture and art, which is commonly called modern style in design. Its distinctive features are simplicity and conciseness. However, it does not mean that the simplicity of modern design makes it boring; most likely, it follows the path of simple lines and discards all strange details that may be present in other styles.
The design of houses in a modern style astonishes with its novelty, boldness and extravagance. In the projects of private residences there are all innovative proposals and functional novelties – mansard floors, canopies, pergolas, even a roof is used for the location of the newest equipment. Often it is flat and it is equipped with solar panels, heaters, air conditioners, viewing platforms or rest areas.

Houses are often distinguished by their unusual architectural forms, different-level structures. They have large panoramic windows, a lot of tinted glass.

At the same time, modern Vajira house design Ideas are now fashionable. They combine high-quality, durable materials with the benefits of civilization, create an atmosphere of coziness and harmony. Surfaces of buildings are covered with protective compounds that preserve the shades of a living tree.
The interior design of a country house in a modern style should not contain anything superfluous. Rooms are freed from piling up furniture and excess accessories. Each element must perform its function. The furniture has strict laconic, curved shapes, it’s fashionable to use glossy, glass, mirror surfaces.

The main colors are white, gray, beige colors. A bright hue can be present as an accent.
Primarily, an open layout is used, a combination of rooms with subsequent division into zones. A feature of the style is the abundance of light and plenty of additional lighting in the interior.
Modern style in the design of the house is distinguished by original architectural forms and minimalism in the design of the room. Planning of space for the purpose of functionality makes the room as comfortable and cozy as possible and modern materials give the house its uniqueness and beauty.

Six basic elements play an important role in modern design: color, metal, texture, wood, lighting and carpets. Lighting plays a very significant role, since its main task is to emphasize certain objects in the overall picture of the house. The color should not be too bright, but rather neutral. When a metal is used, it should be nickel, chrome or stainless steel. The texture creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort inside the house. As for the tree, modern designers often use pine instead of oak. The final element of this design style is the carpet, which is able to combine all elements of the interior together.

All these elements help to create an interior where it will be convenient and pleasant to live and welcome guests.