Currently the phrase “interior design” is often understood differently by each person. If the word “interior” is used rather in specific meaning – it is the inner space of the room and its furnishing, the expression “interior design” can be interpreted as the design of internal space, what is based on the principles of a combination of convenience, efficiency and beauty.

Interior design is art, in which the designer becomes an artist. For creation of unique interiors you need the ability to move away from the templates and great accumulated experience – for avoiding small mistakes.

In practice the interior design ideas, at first, are the ways for taming of space. The designer starts with the entire space of the room and then fills it with necessary paint, parts and items. Besides the beauty and economy, interior design must include, as we have said, convenience. Even a small space of the hall in your apartment can serve as worthy gates in your home, if there you will find a place for wardrobe, mirror, basket for umbrellas, shelf for shoes and small ottoman.

If we speak about interior design for offices, everything is more prosaic, because we have, for example, established scheme of interiors for various spheres of business: strict dark for law firms, bright with plenty of phyto – for beauty salons, etc. But, of course, as in any art, experimentation will be welcomed

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