One of the most pleasant tasks for the new mum is the purchase of the newborn clothes.
We recommend you not to buy too many clothes, as the newborn grows very fast. So, you won’t need it.

The first year of baby’s life is divided into three periods:

  1. from birth to three months;
  2. from three to six months;
  3. from six months to one year.

Buying the clothes for the newborn, you should take into account the pace of child’s development at this time. Besides, the child will need very few “outfits” for the first period of his life. The baby will wear them for a short time, as it grows very fast in the first months.
The newborn must be dressed warmly. Within the first weeks the baby is very sensitive to cold and temperature drop. So, you should stock up the warm woolen clothes.

The baby must feel comfortable in the undershirt. And it must be easy for you to dress your baby in it. For this purpose, you should sew and buy quite loose linen.
The child’s skin is very sensitive, so it mustn’t be irritated. Give preference to the baby’s undershirts made of light fabric or material.
Some baby’s undershirts and swaddling clothes are made of synthetic fabric. Notice that they can cause skin stimulations in some babies.
The child is susceptible to the infections. So, everything surrounding it must be immaculate. It is necessary to have enough easily washed clothes, so that you can often change the newborn’s clothes.

Within the first six months the child is mainly sleeping. So, it is unadvisable to buy too expensive clothes for this period. The elegancy of its clothing is in its cleanness. Save your striving to dress your baby beautiful for later.

What do you have to prepare for the child?

  • 8-12 fine baby’s undershirts;
  • 6-8 warm long-sleeved jackets (made of flannel or baize);
  • 4-6 pairs of crawlers;
  • 20-24 diapers;
  • 8-10 thin nappies;
  • 4-6 warm nappies made of flannel or baize;
  • 2-3 thin bonnets or headscarves;
  • 2-3 warm caps;
  • mittens for the winter;
  • soft baby bootees;
  • 3-4 bibs.

The child’s clothes can be completed with a thin woolen kerchief, which, due to its practicality, will serve you fairly often. You can wrap a child in it, when you must carry it from the house to the pram or from the bathroom to the bed.

You should remember that the newborn clothes must be easy to put on. They must not hinder the child’s movements. The newborn needs the freedom of movements.