Reborn or newborn doll is a vinyl collection doll, which has the maximum similarity with a newborn baby. Their forerunners were Japanese dolls gosё ningyo and “buy-low”, created by G. Putnam. Unlike amusing doll, “Baby Born”, it is not intended for children to play but for collecting. The process of creating these dolls has acquired its own name “reborning”, and the artists that make these dolls are called “reborners”. Special reborning technique was developed in the last ten years, associated with the advent of hot dyes and oils. In the simplest case reborner takes the stock doll, than washes its paint and put a new one.

Some artists create their own models. First, to give the calf a realistic tone, purple paint is applied inside the hollow portion of each doll. Then, the outer surface is signing: an effect of translucent skin, tiny blood capillaries, pimples … hair and eyebrows are made of the finest mohair or real human hair that one by one are “implanted” in baby’s head, like of a wax doll of the last century. This procedure takes at least thirty hours.

The magnets can be inserted inside the head and magnetic objects could be attached to the doll, those as ribbon, nipples and other accessories. The earliest reborn dolls were made by Jose Berenguer in 1944, but only in 1993, Jose and Salvador Berenguer founded Dollsby Berenguer, a company for the production of dolls. Teams of artists, stylists, fashion designers are working on the creation of each toy, for the kid to be as realistic as possible.

Collectible newborn dolls are already widely known in Europe, are gradually winning the hearts of people in other parts of the world, and many women have turned to making newborn dolls their hobby, devoting a lot of time to this case. The uniqueness of these dolls that are difficult in one piece, but are incredibly realistic, even weigh about as much as the child should weigh at their age.

It is because of indistinguishability of these dolls from real babies their sales each year are gaining momentum. After all amazing toy comes into being that even can’t be called a toy at all, so this peanut looks like a child. Thus, it emphasizes the name of the dolls. Reborn dolls can be washed, combed, disguise – there are special design studios, developing outfits especially for these “kids”.

Reborn dolls for sale are accompanied by a “birth history” – each “offspring” have a birthday, name. Especially highly prized are the dolls from the royal family, for example, La Infanta Leonor – very similar, we can say a realistic copy of the newborn daughter of Prince Philip of Asturias, Infanta Leonor. Buying reborn doll, strikingly reminiscent of the little princess, was a luck for a few – number of copies was very small. However, collectible reborn dolls are chosen therefore it is not so easy to get them.