There are not too many fortunate possessors of the large bedroom. Most people have to huddle in the small rooms. So, it is necessary to be ingenious to make the design of small bedroom more harmonious and comfortable.

The choice of furniture for small bedroom

When you choose the furniture for small bedroom, you must observe certain rules:

  1. Turning to the traditional principles of the living rooms’ arrangement, we can notice that the design of small bedroom implies getting rid of unnecessary furniture.
  2. If the space is too confined, you can get rid of your traditional double bed, and substitute it with the folding sofa.
  3. It is an original and attractive idea to complete the design of small bedroom with wall mirrors. It is especially important in the narrow and long room, as the mirrors visually expand the space.
  4. Keep in mind that the modern design of small bedroom excludes the use of dark-colored furniture.
  5. This room should be equipped with the wardrobe (better the sliding-door wardrobe) with the glass doors.
  6. You must also use low furniture for the small bedroom.


Window curtains can play an important role in this room. To make the interior design look more attractive, you should choose the proper curtains. In some cases the windows can be large, and in other- small. The large window can visually diminish the room. In this case the curtains must be as wide as possible (floor to ceiling windows are preferable). But the curtains must be loose rather than stretched. The cornice must be attached to the ceiling as high as possible. In this case the ceiling will become visually higher.

You should also keep in mind that the beautiful design of small bedroom can depend on the chosen style of the room decorating. If the room is designed in the modern style, the curtains must have smooth lines and very soft color. If you use hi-tech style, the curtains should be massive, and if you prefer minimalism, use as less cloth as possible. The Japanese curtains are perfect for minimalism. If the bedroom is narrow, the curtains must have horizontal lines. And the low ceiling assumes the use of vertical lines.

Remember: if you approach the question of design properly, even the small room can become comfortable and practical.