Mini Cooper tuning

Since the appearance on the market of the new MINI has been out of a competition by the attention not only the public, but also representatives of tuning companies. Variations that are “smartening up” its appearance, now are countless. But if many buyers of the new MINI want extravagant “chips” for the exterior, also there is a large part of customers who cannot put up with mediocre (artificially low by the manufacturer) dynamic and running characteristics of this “baby”, including its top variants . Dozens of tuningers have joined the competition: who will “pump up” more horse powers from a small motor, who will offer the most aggressive exterior? And as long as we are talking about records, the German company Hamann is again in front of all!

The well-known German tuning company Hamann presented a complete program of Mini cars improvements. Moreover, it is worth noting that Hamann proposals are designed for all versions of this model, including diesel.

Diesel car Mini One Diesel after Hamann improvements gets additional 25 horse powers – from zero to hundred kilometers per hour now it will be able to accelerate for 13 seconds. The same petrol Mini One gets an increase of 30 horsepower: in the end the power of its engine increased to 120 hp. Mini Cooper adds 13 horsepower – from 115 to 125 forces.


To top version Mini Cooper S Hamann studio offers two tuning packages. The first of these increases engine output to 195 horsepower, while the second, which is called Hamann CS4 Sportkit is ‘pumped up’ to 211 horsepower. As a result, the latest version can accelerate from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in just 6.6 seconds and its top speed is 229 kilometers per hour.

In addition to the modifications of the engine, the German company traditionally offers its customers a suspension upgrades – the installation of new dampers and shorter and rigid springs, as well as new brakes and a body kit. Finally, Hamann tuning program also includes a set of new wheels of 17 or 18 inches to choose from, and a set of accessories for interior trim.

It remains the subject of worship until now. Fans of Mini organize runs, races and other events dedicated to the small machine. And, of course, it cannot be done without tuning. Typically, tuning means powerful engines, beautiful alloy wheels, tinted windows and a circle-wise spoiler. Student at Queen’s University of Art and Design in London, being an artist not only a profession, but also in the soul, came to this case alternatively. He literally sewed clothes for his car – stylish denim suit in particular. Levi`s pockets with labels on doors and zipper running along the bonnet look especially touching. Mini jeans are not only beautiful, but also practical. Now the car definitely will not freeze in winter, and in summer its paint will not fade in the sun.