Bedroom is the place of rest. Nothing here must remind of work and daily routine. If there is no opportunity to take away the notebook and computer table, you should zone the space, separating the working area with screen, or allocating it behind the wardrobe.
Bedroom is no place for official papers and counts, or else it will turn into a study. Everybody wants to have a cozy, warm room, where he/she can relax after a busy day, distract from the problems and cares. You don’t need to hire a designer to create the room of your dream. You can realize your wishes and ideas on your own.

Color score

The color of the room walls affects the overall health and mood. Yellow creates the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Green is associated with nature and leaves. It’s a neutral color.

Blue reminds of sky. This color calms and pacify. Dark blue is an unsuitable color for the bedroom, as it can cause depression. But even the walls painted a right color seem boring and bare without decorative elements. The small drawing skills and ability to hold a brush will help you to amend the situation and make the decoration of bedroom walls original and effective.

The decoration of bedroom walls

The perfect way to decorate the room is to hang a fresco. Choose the picture, blending with the style of the room. Then you can imagine yourself a painter and get to work. The preliminary work, such as puttying and grounding will take efforts and time, but the result is worthy of it. The fresco adds special exquisiteness and originality to the accommodation.

But if you don’t have any drawing skills at all, and you don’t want to hire a specialist, you can make it in an easy way. Use the family photos for the decoration of your bedroom with your own hands. The faces of loved and dear people will always lighten your mood. The main advantage of the photos is that they can be changed depending on the season and occasions.


The window adds the touch-up to the interior. The curtains have not only aesthetic function. They also protect you from noise, dust and aggressive sun. They can either match the color of the walls and furniture or be a splash of bright contrasting color. The main decision criterion in the choice of suitable curtains is your own taste. Don’t fall under the influence of fashion, or else you’ll get the beautifully decorated window, which, however, won’t blend with the general interior.

You should consider that the bedroom decoration, made with your own hands, must be aimed at the creation of friendly and pleasant atmosphere.