If you are the owner of a medium-sized kitchen (approx. 12m2), you may consider yourself lucky, since it is very easy to insert all necessary elements in this space. But you should work hard to make your kitchen truly beautiful and comfortable.
The design of this kitchen allows not only placing kitchen suite and household appliances, but also creating a complete dining area.

While developing the design of your kitchen, the most important is not to go too far with the various designer elements and solutions. In this case you’re taking a risk of “overloading” kitchen interior.

You can easily locate all the necessary kitchen-ware (cooktop, oven, dishwasher, kitchen sink) in the working area.
It remains some free space for creation of the dining area with a big table and comfortable chairs, which is very comfortable for having family dinners and receiving guests.

If it still seems to you, that your kitchen isn’t spacious enough, you can use the mounted cabinets to make it even more functional.

The location of the bar counter is another interesting solution for this kind of kitchen, which can add it originality and stylishness.

By the way, the bar counter can be not only a substitute for the dining table, but also perfect place for the storage of kitchen-ware.

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