It’s not only children’s toys and creative mess that make the kids’ room special. If this room is devoted to some certain theme, it becomes a real children’s world.

The theme children’s room is unique, individual and original. Undoubtedly, it will be the boast of its’ little owner. Every kid has its’ own dreams and fantasies, talents and expectations, taste and preferences. Pay attention to the child’s wishes, remember his hobbies and liking. After that, design its’ room in such a way that it reflects the child’s inner world.

There are many ideas for the design of theme children’s room. We’ve chosen the most interesting and bright options of the child’s room arrangement. Hopefully, both the parents and the kids will like these ideas!


This kids’ room interior with bland-colored walls and floor acquires its individual style by means of animal pictures on the carpet, bedding and curtains. The nice details in the form of some toys on the bed and elephant cut-out on the pillow can emphasize the theme of this room.

Rivers and lakes

The wall pictures of cane and dragon-flies against the river and sky look very pacifying. And if your kid likes to spend time by the lake and river, it’ll certainly like its own indoor “pond”. The color scheme must emphasize the general theme of the room. The shades of blue and dark blue together with green will create an excellent combination- moderately bright and deep.


A rave of color in the room interior fits perfectly for an active child. All colors of the rainbow will fill the room with joy, fun and laughter. The walls in pistachio, the curtains in lemon yellow and the abundance of patterns will turn your child’s room into the fairyland of happiness and joy.

Inhabited island

The main element of this room is the color scheme, including the combination of light shades of blue and green with bright impregnations of pink, orange and red. Every color and thing in this room calls up the nature: clear sky on the ceiling, green trees on the walls and blue sea on the floor.


Do you want to decorate the walls with the picture so that it doesn’t look childish? Use such option as the geometric forms of different colors and size. Show these figures to your child from childhood: squares, rhombs and rectangles will be the perfect complement to the wall décor. Moreover, you can easily draw these figures yourself, using a small roller and masking tape.