Beautiful ceiling is a dream of everyone, who likes and appreciates his house. It is so easy to realize it, that many of us can do it ourselves. There are many ways of ceiling decoration. This article concerns their most important varieties.


Modern photo-wallpaper are characterized by excellent quality and image sharpness. They’re easy in installation and quite diverse. Photo-wallpaper depicts different interesting scenes. Nowadays it’s easy to order the photo-wallpaper with a specific image, for example, copied photos, etc. Decorative wallpaper with the air theme (cloudy or starry sky, outer space, sunset) will look best of all. Photo wallpaper can also depict 3D-absttraction or animation character, beloved buy your child.


Decorative finishing of walls and ceilings with the art painting is also a good option. The desirable picture can be patterned on the surface, using brushes and colors. But even if you don’t possess of the talent for painting, it doesn’t matter, since you can use ready pictures, which you only have to stick to ceiling with the tape and color it.


Modern applications are mostly made with the use of vinyl stickers. They are used not only for ceiling decoration, but also for masking of cracks and spots.

As you can see, there is a lot of ways of making beautifully decorated ceilings. All you have to do is to think creatively and make your phantasies reality.