Creating a garden design is pretty fun and interesting work, because the design of the garden reflects the architectural language of the house and preferences of its owners. At present, it is also an art because here, as in fashion, any mix of classic elements and modern accessories is allowed. Many new materials have an enormous popularity through the leading landscape designers that contribute to the gardens of fresh paint and contrasts, creating sometimes quite unexpected garden paintings. As before, the pool’s in fashion, as well as new and long-forgotten perennials, shrubs and attractive cropped compositions of plants. And the latest discovery: the light in the garden. It is a kind of personal enrichment of garden areas around the house.

What type of garden is suitable to the house? Can you set up art nouveau garden with classical elements around the old house? This garden is surprising and conquering instead of curved tracks and wide beds are traced clarity throughout. Emphasis is placed on straight lines, high-edged beds and surprisingly small set of different plants. Here a few inexpensive materials are dominated. Is it a new type of savings or the desire for simplicity, ease? After the stress of everyday life and excessive variety of proposals in any form such a contrast is accepted with gratitude. Affordable and beautiful shape is a tool that produces great aesthetic effect in the garden.


When it comes to making this new moderation visual, plot size does not matter. In a small garden, this idea can be implemented by applying a few bright, conspicuous elements. However, a large portion of this unexpected effect can be achieved, for example, using a visual axis from home or long silent line of trees, or a group of flowering shrubs. And what about the solitaire, long pond with a geometrically regular shape or thematic garden dedicated to only one historical roses or flowering in blue perennials? Limitation of the plants in most cases is quite a good solution.


Landscape style is often used by landscape architects when they are planning modern country estates. However, the desire to put in a small area as a lot of trendy decorative elements (Chinese houses and lanterns combined with alpine slides and sculptures in the style of pseudo-baroque), native birch trees and exotic plants leads to the fact that they repeated mistakes of the early XVIII century, when the inexperienced architects sought to use all the new garden art.


Creating a park in landscape style requires a delicate taste, a sense of proportion, a good knowledge of mother nature and the desire for self-improvement.