Outdoor landscaping designs

Decorating your home is always nice and interesting, and decorating your own garden is doubly exciting. And do not be afraid that you cannot afford this process. Ennobling the backyard can be made with minimum expense. So do not come up with excuses for yourself and limit yourself only to sweet dreams. It’s time to pick up a pencil and make a plan. I hope that our ideas will help you to choose the right direction.

In landscape design, as well as in the design of living space, try to avoid excesses. The chaotic jumble of green plantings, small architectural forms and objects of garden furniture create a feeling of confusion and discomfort. Therefore, while implementing your own project, do not depart from it a single step. Just one bush orchids, planted in the wrong place, can disrupt a sense of integrity and destroy your perfect world.

If the permanent care of the green areas is not included in your plans, then just minimize their number. Instead the blooming front garden you can set up a rock garden in your yard. That would be very individual and stylish.
Sometimes, to create original image only one significant detail will be enough. This may be alpine garden or concrete steps down to the artificial pond.

Separate a relaxation area out of the flowerbeds and bushes colorful floral wall. In the evening, when the garden chores run out and the air is filled with oxygen, it is here you will relax, inhaling the aroma of your favorite flowers. Wicker furniture harmoniously fit into the overall picture of serenity and harmony, without any violating its integrity.

Green lawn for most of us associate with fine English style, aristocratic and slightly stiff and therefore so attractive and inviting. If you do not mind a regular cutting and regular irrigation of green does not bother you, you can safely lay “nappy pad” at your summer cottage.
Green areas, as well as people, need care and maintenance. They need to be fed, watered, and even cut. And the more fashionable haircut is, the clearer the image will be redrawn. With skillful and confident command of scissors you can create real green sculptures. If the hairdresser’s art is not your path, you can restrict with soft and rounded forms that will give charm to your landscape for sure.

The pathway, which is laid on the backyard, is giving it a cozy and finished look. And to make it is in power of any gardener. It is more logical to lay out already trodden path. As the starting material there are generally used brick, special paving tiles, paving stone, sand, gravel, pebbles, wood and shredded bark, a more rarely – turf.

Landscape design, as well as interior design, is divided into specific styles. Stick to them or not – that is only your decision. The boundaries of style at summerhouse are more blurred and vague, so that the likelihood that you will be suspected of bad taste and absurdity is very small.