Classic swing gates, which for a long time were the only available option is gradually receding into the past. This is due to the fact that their design though is simple and easy to install, but still has some significant shortcomings, which include the fact that they need free space and are usually made of metal, that needs additional care. The hinges of the gate should be lubricated often, and in winter they as the lock, often ice. That’s why is growing a number of people who prefer to install overhead garage doors, that are more convenient to use and do not require such careful care.

Overhead garage doors are solid or consist of sections of panels made from a metal coated with a special coating or from plastic. These gates are usually made insulated. If we consider the overhead gates in terms of saving space, they significantly outperform swing counterparts – in fact at the opening their panel locate under the ceiling, without taking up too much space. Also note that the overhead garage door also significantly increase safety. After all, they are very difficult to open and noisy, so that the safety of the car in the garage, equipped with lift gates increases.

Overhead gates for garages classify in several types. And almost all of the overhead garage doors can be assembled and installed by yourself without any additional work and preparations. So, the most popular model is the sectional garage doors. They consist of individual plastic or metal panels, about forty to sixty centimeters tall, which are held together by movable joints. Roller gates are similar to overhead sectional garage doors, but they have more movable panels, because of which the insulation at the gate is somewhat lower.

Garage doors of overhead type are presented with models of different designs and price categories, among which everyone can easily find the best option. And the fact that they are all automated, making them indispensable in any garage.