The company started its work in 1999. Its founder was Patrick M. Byrne, when he realized the profitability of settlement of excess (unclaimed) stores over the Internet. Over time, the company has grown from a liquidator in the largest US retailer’s stock. Overstock headquarters is in Salt Lake City (Utah, USA).

  • Overstock has inspiring figures. In the first year of its operation, the company received proceeds of $ 1.835 million dollars, and at the moment its annual revenues are more than $ 1 billion. The site sold about 890 000 products from hundreds of different brands, and customer service involved more than 1,300 employees. The company’s value is estimated at $ 60 billion.
  • Overstock covers various industries: e-commerce, insurance, wholesale trade, and others. In 2011 the company launched the project « Travel», which task is to organize the travel. Also that year, Overstock engaged in insurance, it has launched a project « Insurance». The company offers app for corporate clients too – it is called «».
  • Since 2007, is actively communicating with online users. There is Overstock forum, where customers and Internet hypermarket support can communicate with each other. In addition, Overstock is microblogging on Twitter, Youtube channel and the group at Facebook.

You’ve probably heard that an area rug really ties a room together, but a tied-together room is not as simple as picking the first rug you see and rolling it out on the floor. If you want to be happy with your floor coverings for many years to come, keep these tips in mind while you’re online shopping for area rugs.

Get the right size. This often means going bigger than you may have expected. Ideally, your rug will be large enough that the legs of your furniture sit on it. Always measure the room before you order anything online, and with rugs, it’s a good idea to use painter’s tape on the floor to visualize what the size will look like.

Choose your style based on the look of your room or the look you want the room to have, as the rug will either enhance or dictate the style of the room where you place it. Contemporary rugs showcase the latest trends, and casual rugs help a home feel cozy and unpretentious.

Persian rugs look great with almost any kind of decor because they have a traditional look. Transitional rugs are somewhere in the middle, with a mix of contemporary and traditional elements, which works beautifully in many of today’s homes. Choose your material based on the amount of traffic the rug will see. A busy entryway or a kitchen needs a durable material that’s easy to clean, like synthetic fiber or cotton.

Your living room, on the other hand, is a place for a beautiful wool or silk blend rug. Pets, kids, and your own tendency toward spills should also influence your rug material choice.