Garden furniture

Today garden furniture is presented in various variations. Traditional options are wood, wrought iron and wicker. Wood is more suitable for large-format events and pavilions where are necessary long tables and benches to match. If you decide to organize a welcoming and refined veranda, you can stop at the wicker furniture from rattan or vine. Wooden furniture in this case should get mandatory overhead pillows.


Lightweight linen curtains, fabric cushions, candles, wrought iron pendant lights create the lion’s share of comfort, even if the costs are already planned out and the furniture you have chosen as a residual. The best recommendation for decoration are: flowers, candles, vases with fruits, little things retro, decorative textiles.

Space organization

Patio – is a small seating area outside the house. In favor of a small corner of the garden says comfort and proximity to the kitchen where you can make jasmine tea and put on a plate fresh pear tart. BBQ zone – it is a separate element, which is designed for a larger number of people, a central place occupies BBQ. A small patio accommodates a set of upholstered furniture with coffee table or dining set, separated from the rest of the garden. Garden furniture is usually made of water-resistant materials, and cushions on the furniture is better to choose removable.

Recommendations for the arrangement of the patio

Before buying a tent, you should stop your attention on the fact that it, above all, protects from rain, not from the sun. For sun protection is better positioned patio in the shade of a spreading tree or house, as the shadow of tent is small and moves with the sun.
If you are setting up the veranda, the floor is better to make wooden – they are warmer and it is possible to walk barefoot. If the patio is located in the garden, the more durable option for the floor – is garden tiles.
If the kitchen has an exit to the garden, the side windows can be positioned a patio with dining area – it will be convenient to lay the table or to organize a tea party.

Barbecue is better to be located a little away from the house so smoke does not bloat wall.