Layout and design of modern children rooms provokes a huge number of violent disputes, which include not only designers but also psychologists, pediatricians, even public figures, not to mention their parents and growing-up children. What ideas are in the air today, which approach is most deserving of attention in the design of the kids’ room, and what does changeable interior fashion think about it?

Conceiving the design of the most important room in the house – the children room, you must immediately answer the question: what will be the basis of design. Modern children’s rooms are formed in a certain style of interior or around a beloved child image. For example, a room for the Princess, Good Girl or Candy Kid or a site of Gentleman, Flyer or Superhero. The selected image dictates colors, interior features, and even functional filling of a child’s room. How can you achieve compliance of the interior with the desired image?

The easiest way is to create a center of attention by the desired image. For example, volumetric 3D-wallpapers or bright poster, the picture on the wall or a photo collage on the theme will immediately declare the rod, on which design details will be ‘strung’.

The color will be an excellent assistant, which will create the desired association. Princess room is characterized by a combination of pink, white, crimson and pearly tones. For underwater grotto of Little Mermaid soft watercolor, green-blue colors and vibrant color accents, like colorful fish, swim in the coral reefs are more suitable. Brave Space Explorer will necessarily face dark blue velvet of the night sky, and the decor of Little Lord’s room must necessary include noble plaid and chocolate hues, that are typical for British living rooms.

However it is not necessary to fill the room with annoying details that must necessarily be associated with the selected image. Give some space to children’s imagination; let the environment serve as a springboard from which irrepressible imagination starts. Therefore, in addition to the central theme and color accents, to two or three parts, which will help to identify the image will be enough. For example, lighting fixtures of original forms, frames for photos, mirrors and chairs that create associations with the main hero-image.

Creating the design of children’s room in a certain way, we must remember that children grow quickly, after a year chosen hero can get bored. A child cannot associate himself with the same character for a long time. That’s right – you cannot always play the same game! So parents need to be prepared to quickly transform a room in accordance with the changing tastes of their child.