Planning of landscape design, one of the most important works in the design of the land around a private house, villa, cottage.
Each host and hostess wants that around the house was beautiful not only in the warm season, but always. So when you go out of the house to get to the beautiful garden, which brings joy, pleases the eye with its beauty.

You can make this beauty, that it is not only in summer but in winter – all year round. All this is possible using in landscaping the plants that are very beautiful in all seasons. This can be done by properly planning landscaping using trees, shrubs and other ornamental objects.

When planning your landscape design you should adhere to the following rules.

  • It is important to know the type of soil. Shrubs and trees like different soils. It is necessary to choose plants for this type of soil. If you want to plant a plant, but the soil is not suitable, you can change the type of soil exactly for this plant.
  • Watch for plants when they are in bloom, turning green on this soil, under what weather conditions. All these data are recorded, in order to choose the right combination of plants for landscaping.
  • When you have a large list of information about plants for landscaping, you can choose the right combination of them, taking into account the period of maximum landscaping, flowering. You also need to consider what kind of plants will be in the sun or in the shade, what period.
  • Now you can plan placement of plants taking into account the flowering period, the maximum landscaping, combination of colors. We need to plan plants for landscaping so that they bloom in succession. So you can continue to enjoy the most flourishing area of the garden.
  • When planning your landscape design you must take into account decorative constructions: a dozen, bridges, pavilions. Boulders and rocks with plants provide an excellent combination.
  • You also need to consider when planning a landscape watering systems for compositions of plants. You can use an automatic drip directly under each plant, or irrigation.
  • Excellent look plants in the evening under floodlights. For this purpose, economical LED lamps or spotlights are used. We need to plan their accommodation and places protected laying of wires and power cables to these sources of night lighting.

Using these rules, you can plan and create your own original landscaping in your garden that will please you all year round.