There are many different types of pocket knives, folding knives with one or several blades, depending on the type. Pocket knives are generally small in size and can easily be carried in a pocket or purse. When opening the blade extends from the handle to its full length. There are so many different uses for a pocket knife, and the types and styles of manufacturing are almost limitless. Some of them are made for hunting and camping, and others are bought by collectors of antique knives.

So every man needs a small knife to carry it in the pocket or a woman in her purse. The knife is required whenever you need to open the box or bag, to peel the apple and sharpen a pencil. The only question is how to choose a folding knife?

When selecting the pocket knife quality is as important, as it is important while the choice of sporting rifle. Look at all the options before making your choice. There are many types of folding knives. Each knife offers its own advantages. Utility knife usually comprises several folding tools along with the folding knife blade.

As a first step you should determine the type of knife you want. Will it be a small knife or a knife suitable for self-defense? Penknives have more diverse blades and they are more suitable for everyday use. Multi-purpose knife is useful for hiking, when you might need a variety of tools included with the knife.

The most famous example is the multi-function Swiss Army knife, some versions of which have tens of functions.

Traditional folding knives are opened using small dents and intervals, allowing by the nail to pull the blade from the handle.
Check out well-known manufacturers of knives. Cheap knives are made from poor quality steel. In this case, it is better to pay a little more for the brand and ensure a reliable knife that will not be covered with rust and grow blunt. Look for high-quality steel. The higher is the quality of the steel, the better is the blade.

Choose a knife with a good lock. This lock will keep the blade closed and pocket knife would not open accidentally. Use the lock button while carrying a knife in your pocket. This is a small button or a lever at the top of the handle, which would not let the blade out, until you press the button.

The knife should have a comfortable, long handle. Pocket knife handles are made from all kinds of materials, including bone and metal. Rubber or plastic handle will be more comfortable to hold, but the metal handle is more resistant to damage and more durable. Also check the size and shape of the handle. Is it big enough to make a good grip with the hand?

Stick to 7-9 inches knife blades. It will not scare the people around you and at the same time, it is quite practical. In any case, check your local laws about the knives as a cold gun.