Every year, on February 27 the international ecological community marks the day of the polar bear. Mankind has reached the verge that now people are forced to protect these wonderful animals living on the polar plains of themselves, and that scientists forecast that could disappear by 2025. Especially because the polar bears are not simple inhabitants of the planet. And here’s why ..

The polar bear is considered to be the largest predator on land. For example, the weight can be up to 700 kilograms, and length – three meters. Besides this handsome polar handsome is the undisputed champion in swims. We know that without rest bears are capable of overcoming the water distance of almost 700 kilometers. However, they reach speeds on land up to 40 kilometers per hour, and by water about 10.

These terrestrial mammals have a terrific sense of smell. Their prey polar bears feel more than for a half kilometer and a meter-thick layer of snow. Favorite treats of this predator are marine hares and ringed seals. In general, experts note that the white clumsy – are the adherents of proper nutrition because they naturally build a balanced diet. The food they eat is very high in calories – skin and the subcutaneous fat of seals, as well as red meat, which is rich in valuable animal protein.

It is known that the majority of polar bears do not tolerate the neighbourhood and prefer to live alone. However, from this rule there are exceptions, and it turns out, that even the males can be friends with each other, and even sleeping in an embrace. By the way, these polar inhabitants are among the most non-aggressive predators – polar bears rarely attack humans.

These animals, in contrast to their brown brothers, only partly go into hibernation. Typically, these are pregnant females. In the fall, they dig in snowdrifts their “lair”, which consists of one or three compartments and a long tunnel. There a female bear falls into a state only similar to hibernation. In fact, it is not a continuous sleep. However, it is noted that at this time the female body temperature is greatly reduced, and the heart rate slows down, which usually happens during sleep.

A great misconception to assume that polar bears – the inhabitants of the land. According to the scientific classification, they referred to as marine mammals and sea bears, because they spend most of the time precisely in water.

And also polar bears may starve to three months and used to keep themselves clean. They – the adherents of careful hygiene and always wash themselves after eating, riding in the snow. This habit allows animal fur to keep warm.