If you think that your pond does not have enough dynamics and movement, you should set the fountain.

With the help of fountain pumps and different fountain nozzles you can arrange in your pond a real water show above the water surface. In addition, you will fully provide your pond with oxygen.

The most important part of the fountain is the pump. Ordinary household pumps do not work here, because they would wear out too quickly. A fountain should run virtually without a break throughout the summer. It is better to opt for one of the models with a working resource from 30 to 50 thousand hours. In terms of the five warmest months of the year, from May to September, the service life of the pump is between 9 and 13 years old. The pump is usually installed at the bottom of the reservoir, on concrete or metal stand, so as not to clog the particles of soil and sand – the main enemy of the fountain equipment. Also there are floating models. Fountain pumps work on electricity. For the reliability of the pump filters, that protect the engine from clogging, are integrated into the mechanism. Most of the pumps allow you to adjust the water flow rate – this is important, especially when it comes to small water bodies.

The height of the fountain depends on the water pressure and the size of the reservoir, the form of water picture – on the nozzle. The nozzle forms a water flow and that ultimately determines the appearance of the fountain. The choice of nozzles, perhaps, gives the greatest pleasure, because the number of water paintings is colossal and types are quite different. Often homeowners buy several different nozzles and change them depending on your mood. Nozzles for fountains are made of plastic, steel or copper. Some of them are raised above the pond mirror, while others are drown in the water. Others are going under gravel to create the effect of a spring battering from the water. The simplest and therefore the most common design is a stream one. Although a lot of them is difficult to call simple one: there are spinning flowers and foam pillars and traditional French gardens “pirouettes” on a graceful curved frame. Technologically nozzles like “bell” and “lava” are a little more compound. They force the water out through the gap between the two disks and form a continuous thin coating in the form of a hemisphere. The most common types of nozzles are lava (the bell), the volcano (cascade), and a geyser.

Interior, sculptures and indoor fountains serve as a decorative ornament on the balcony or terrace, just where you need it. Water intake is carried out in the lower part of the pump and, through the rotation of a balanced rotor work particularly quiet. Filter basket is made of stainless steel, which ensures long-lasting operation of the pump.