At the time of repair, many people find it difficult to choose the suitable color for the walls painting. This is not surprising, as everyone knows that the color of walls painting determines the general impression of home interior. It is very important that the paint color satisfies the tastes of the house owner. But you should also take into account the functional purpose of every room.

The color has a great influence on the mood and atmosphere of the house. So that the chosen color score creates harmony in your apartment, stick to a single rule: it is necessary to choose one neutral color, blending with the whole interior. At that, this color needn’t be the basic one.

For example, the basic color of interior is blue. So, you should choose the light shade from neutral palette, matching to the basic color and the rest of environment.

  • Choose orange, and your living-room will turn into the warm, informal place, expressing your adventurous spirit. The walls will radiate optimism and enthusiasm, confidence and creativity.
  • Red color will fill your home with boldness and sensuality. Complete it with the suitable furniture and your red living-room will turn into the triumph of passion.
  • Green living-room represents the perfect solution for private space and for the rare moments, when you can finally relax and have nothing in your head.
  • Blue is the color of truth. The blue living-room is very elegant and conservative. Though, the change of shade can make it surprisingly dynamical.
  • Violet color is quite unusual. Mostly, it is preferred by the fans of everything mysterious, people with developed intuition and creative potential.
  • If you’re a practical, friendly and reliable person, choose brown.

As we can see, there are a lot of ideas for the paint color of your living-room. Everything matters, when you choose the walls color, so approach this question competently, aiming at the perfect result.