Audi Q7

Bloomberg reports, that German Audi in April 2015 came out on top among the world producers of premium cars in terms of sales, ahead of BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Sales of Audi, a division of Volkswagen, in April increased by 2.5% – up to 152.85 thousand of cars.

For comparison, sales of BMW raised by 5.6% – up to 148.896 thousand of cars, Mercedes-Benz – by 11% to 148.072 thousand of cars.

“Despite the prepared generation change of key models and changes in the markets, we have exceeded record levels last year, – director of marketing and sales Audi Luca de Meo said. – In the coming months, we intend to keep on rising throughout the world.”

Audi sales growth has been supported by strong demand for SUV models Q5 and Q7 at the US.

Audi Q7 is a car that represents a worldwide renowned German company in the SUV segment. Audi Q7 is a successful combination of sportiness and versatility, the most advanced technologies and luxury of executive car.

Audi Q7 sets new trends. The car is specially designed as the largest European jeep. The dimensions are impressive: length is 5086 (more than the Hummer H2), width equals 1983, height is 1737 mm. Base is no less impressive – it is 3002 mm. Its sweeping lines, a smooth curve of the roof, exposed surfaces of the body, which, in contrast to the flat windows, create a perfect harmony of sportiness and luxury.

For the benefits of driving all-wheel independent suspension with double wishbones is on charge which provides high off-road capabilities. Standard elastic elements are springs. And as an option there can be installed adaptive air suspension with electronic change of damper characteristics. Q7 clearance can range 180- 240 mm. When the off-road mode is on, it sets the clearance of 205 mm.
Despite its size, Q7 is able to race with the speed of a sports car.

Overall SUV Audi Q7 is beautiful not only outside but also inside.
Standard equipment includes an innovative operating system MMI, well-known to motorists by models A6 and A8. Powerful SUV features a variety of driver assistance systems, the first time being introduced into production.

The huge trunk opens and closes with the help of button – you will never get dirty. Electronic recognition will allow the owner to open the doors and start the engine without taking the key out of his pocket.

Q7 is literally packed with options, but that is what gives the driver endless choices. You can relax, delegate authority, and the machine will do everything itself: shift gears to keep you comfortable cruising speed, turn on and off lights, scraping the glass with wipers, turn off the music during a mobile phone call, monitor the distance to the next car when changing lanes in heavy traffic and many other things and actions.