Private aviation

How often people standing in traffic jams dream about the wings, which could cover the distance in minutes. Especially the wings are needed when it is necessary to get into a very remote location, or to get to another continent. In these cases, a civil aviation is necessary. It is not always advisable to hire a private plane for a large company or a small number of people. For these purposes, private jets fit better.

If the companies’ representatives or individuals often make air travel because of their occupation, in order to save money and convenience you can purchase a small premium business or private plane. This article describes three of the best aircraft at the private aviation sector.
The cost of the aircraft, depending on the model has a fairly high price range. Best of manufactured to date models can reach several tens of millions of dollars, but the cheapest models can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars or even lower.


Cessna 750 Citation X

The most popular model of private aviation of the business class is Cessna. Especially great demand is on the model 750 Citation X. This model is one of the brightest representatives of the middle planes for business and premium class. The aircraft is designed for long air travel, and is able to accommodate up to twelve people.
Thanks to twin-engine turbofan engine from Rolls-Royce’s it is considered the most high-speed airplane, length of 22 meters. The wings have arrow-shaped design, allowing it to fly by 150 – 200 km / h faster than other business jets.
Appearance of the plane is as presentable as its interior decoration. Everything possible is made here so the passengers feel cozy and comfortable during a long flight.


Embraer Legacy 650

The next most popular model is the business jet Embraer Legacy 650. This aircraft is visually divided into three zones for passengers, the cabin area of the club and luggage compartment.
Compared with other models of the same class, the aircraft has a low noise level and an excellent ventilation system. These innovations make it possible to hold meetings with your partners even on the plane, as well as negotiations on satellite communications. The cabin is equipped with a TV and all the necessary kitchen equipment, which allows a wonderful rest and a snack during the flight.
Its design feature is the presence of two powerful turbofan engines, which can provide up to 7,000 flight kilometers. Also thanks to the new software, this model can take off and land at high altitude airfields.


Gulfstream G550

Also, the best aircraft, and therefore the fastest one, comfortable and expensive are manufactured by Gulfstream. Planes of this company are used by many millionaires and world-famous celebrities.
The cost of the aircraft model G550 can reach fifty million dollars. However, given its high performance characteristics and level of comfort and reliability of the design, its cost is fully paid off.