Quotations of precious metals show their value, expressed in a specific currency per gram or in Troy ounce (31.1035 grams). Current prices are a fundamental criterion that determines the degree of investment expediency of precious metals. Quotations accounting allows analysts, investors to create statistical data to predict market dynamics and determine the direction of activities.

Quotations of precious metals of unallocated bullion account: specifics of work with the account

Unallocated bullion account reflects the price dynamics of metals in an unallocated form, shows the weight of precious metal in grams belonging to the client, without designating the sample, quantity, manufacturer and other individual features.

Investments in precious metals with registration on an unallocated metal account are an ideal solution. The reason for it is a positive trend in the change of each quotation of precious metals of unallocated bullion account, where additional operations of their attraction and placement are performed.

Advantages of unallocated bullion account:

  • no VAT on purchase and sale transactions;
  • no transport, production costs in the price of unallocated metal;
  • the elimination of risks concerning the loss, force majeure;
  • the availability of cash accounting system.

Metal account can be opened for silver, palladium, gold or platinum. Unallocated bullion account is not included in the deposit guarantee system, so you should choose a bank that practices such type of services.

London quotations of precious metals: pricing

The London stock market is full of world non-ferrous metal manufacturers, large traders and consumers. The London precious metals quotations (fixings), which are held daily, play a role of the reference point of the world prices of precious metals.

The pricing method is traditional: two sessions are held during five days, except for weekends. The stock market publishes official prices at the end of the morning session. These are the estimated prices for long-term contracts, their payment. The price for cash payments on contracts is voiced individually.

The price of metals is constantly linked to the exchange price, regardless of the difference in the raw material cost. The margin and the discount are affected by the demand for them.