When we speak about a Ranch-style house, we mean the American approach to the construction of houses. There are California and American groups. However, whatever group the house belongs to, it is still an American invention. This Ranch Style House Front Porch Addition was very popular in the fifties of the last century. The similar ranches were built in other regions: Europe and Australia.
However, it should be noted that Australia has long been characterized by its own style of construction of houses. It is very similar to the American style, and it’s not younger.

The first floor was passable and it had two completely separate exits. One of them led to the terrace, and the other led to the yard. Due to sliding doors, the house looked much more spacious. The dining room was combined with the living room, and the bedroom was completely fenced off from all rooms. It was the only room in this house where you could hide from your family. Today, the American ranch project has a great functionality. If your family becomes bigger, then the building can be easily extended to make all generations live in the same house. Such single-level buildings are very popular among the owners of individual buildings. At the same time, it is necessary to think about the laying of the most important communications, precisely planning all rooms of the building.

When the interior design of the American ranch is done, you can use a variety of vintage items: chests of drawers; forged candlesticks; rocking chairs; pottery. The interior is decorated with textiles of gentle tones, made of beautiful natural materials. The room is decorated with carpets, and there are a lot of soft pillows everywhere. Thus, a cozy atmosphere is created. The bulk of decorative elements is handmade. Every cowboy’s house is characterized by forged parts; roughly made furniture; brick walls; pieces of wood.