The news about the death of rapper XXXTentacion spread quickly among the artists. This event shocked the numerous fans of 20-year-old Jahseh Onfroy. The star who opened a new page in the history of rap, instantly topped the charts and was involved in a big scandal, suddenly went out.

XXXTentacion died on June 18. At about 16:00 (Miami time) Jahseh went to the motorcycle shop in Deerfield Beach. After making purchases in Riva Motorsport, the young man got in his car. However, someone was already waiting for him. Passers-by who heard XXXTentacion shot tried to provide first aid to Jahseh Onfroy and called an ambulance. The doctors got there in time and brought the rapper killed to the hospital. However, the medicine was powerless. XXXTentacion died in the ward. It is already known who shot XXXTentacion.

The biography of rapper Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy pictures him as a quite ambiguous person. From one side, he made it to the top of popularity in 2018. His works opened a new depth of rap, representing this genre as immersion in depressive self-discovery. The songs of XXXTentacion are dark, but their originality brought the great popularity to the artist.
His most famous works include:

  • the first hit of XXXTentacion – Look at Me!, which allowed the rapper to gain popularity in 2016;
  • XXXTentacion album “17”, released in 2017;
  • album “?” that made it to the top of “Billboard” in March 2018.

Jahseh Onfroy also released a number of collaboration works with the other performers. Young artist didn’t have time to achieve more.

Why not everyone is mourning?

There is another side of biography of the rapper Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy. The artist was born in a poor family. His mother who was only 18 couldn’t maintain or bring up the child. Therefore, he was kicked out of the choir as a child (even though he was talented).

It was the deprivation of liberty that gave a boost to the creativity of XXXTentacion. In 2014, he released his first works. However, in 2015 tentacion rapper found himself in a court, charged with the robbery of the house with a number of aggravating factors. It was the case when the justice couldn’t help the person to correct his mistakes. The most unpleasant aspects of the rapper’s biography were revealed later.

In 2016, x the rapper started to take his anger out on his girlfriend Geneva Ayala, using her as a punching bag. Jahseh abused her repeatedly. As he didn’t want his “beloved” to go to the hospital and document the beatings, he held the girl by force and didn’t let her leave the house for weeks.

When the Jahseh’s sentence was changed, and he was placed under the house arrest, he nearly strangled the girl. The cause of his anger was infidelity. But this time the victim managed to escape and go to the police.
For multiple offences, the rapper could have been sent to the jail for decades. However, the businessmen intervened. The artist had to comply with the terms of his contract, which is why he went again under the house arrest.

Soon the girl tried to get a statement, but the XXXTentacion’s threats ended up in the increase of anticipated term of imprisonment, as well as the negative attitude of the public and worldwide mass media. Nobody knows how this story would end. However, two black robbers put an end to it. There were some doubts about is XXXTentacion really dead, but the doctors confirmed the fact.