Reborn dolls are stock vinyl dolls created to resemble a human baby with so much realism and the similarity which is possible. The process of creating reborn dolls is called reborning, artistic dolls are called reborners. Reborn dolls are also known as “living dolls” or “lifeless doll”.

Reborn dolls were originally a hobby, started all by enthusiasts in 1990. They wanted to create more realistic dolls. Since then, the industry of reborn dolls has appeared. A place where you can buy a reborn doll is Internet in the first place. But there is also this kind of dolls at various fairs. In conventional stores reborn dolls are not on sale. The price of the reborn doll depends on the level of making, it can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Dolls are mysterious creatures. They are different: rag, porcelain, wood. Collectors’ ones, that cost a lot of money and those ones, that can be bought for a penny. Cute, scary, eliciting a smile, but they always generate ambiguous feelings. They cannot be treated any way. Another great emotions cause reborn dolls. It seems that it is a living child, so realistic it was made. Weight and height of the child, carefully traced skin, real hair, unusual eyes – very few people are indifferent to it.

Women, who have become mothers, remember this pleasant severity of the baby in her arms, soft velvety skin, caramel smell divine of a baby, its tiny fingers. Yes, there are “annoying” side effects from the appearance of crumbs house: shouts, sleepless nights, many hours of swing, experiences and fears for him. Motherhood does not come easy for almost anyone. And besides, the baby is growing day by day, and as we remember him newborn, this image will be gone. A craving to hold a crumb on his hands is not going anywhere. But how many babies mainly can modern women give birth to? One-two-three times? And the baby grows too quickly from newborn period.

For training of artists and craftsmen to create reborn dolls a special international group of artists for Reborn dolls (IRDA) was organized. Any artist can join the group, but the members of the community must meet certain ethical principles.

Creating a reborn doll is an art, long stages, one of which is the addition of multiple layers of paint on a vinyl doll and displaying different physical characteristics of reborn dolls. Artists can select different images to create a reborn doll in his or her own style.

There are also reborn dolls with accessories for care on sale, if it is for a real newborn. Such kits for reborn dolls are called newborn, this allows to omit some details of doll making, and on the other hand it is not so easy to recreate the newborn.