Replacing the old gates to the new brings previously unknown pleasure. And if it’s sectional door, the pleasure at least triple. Well, what good can be expected from traditional gates? They take up too much space. If left alone, it is imperceptible. But try to open this “piece of iron”- and each half describes a semi-circle with a diameter of three meters, sweeping away everything in its path. Now imagine that this is a room where there is a continuous production process. This is utter torment! Here, for example, a car wash. Gates constantly have to be opened, then closed. In our climate, in addition, there are adverse circumstances. Swing gates are usually “bungled” so that in the winter they freeze through, taking heat from the room, and then there is a danger that fails washing apparatus, within which water circulates. To avoid such trouble, “plowing” inside are insulated with mineral wool or other insulating material, which is usually from the top camouflaged with “lining.” Such gates are considerably heavier. They are often distorted. They saturate with water and harbor. Sectional and garage doors are deprived of all these evils .

Firstly, they are not afraid of wind, rain, moisture inside the washing, as the door leaf is made of galvanized sheet steel with additional artificial turf, all the details of the gate specifically for sinks are made of stainless materials, guides and springs additionally painted with special anti-corrosion coating and electrical devices has additional protection from moisture.

Secondly, to this gate you can reach close and not necessarily clean the snow in the winter in front of them because they open vertically upwards.

Thirdly, they have a perfect appearance and may have windows through which one can observe the process of washing. And then, they themselves are easily washed what for car washes, where the car is sprayed with mud in all directions, is very important. And that’s not all advantages of sectional doors. It is no accident in the West is almost impossible to meet double-leaf gates. And not only on car washes. Economical capitalists who know how to calculate the loss of energy costs for heating, long appreciated the speed and convenience of opening sectional doors and many other benefits and advantages:

  • easy gate control both manually and automatically
  • security: all links of the gate have a trap protection
  • presence of anti-burglary protection with various schemes of locking gates