Novice aquarists in most cases, make a lot of mistakes. The main of them – an irresistible urge to buy for themselves almost every fish he liked. The result is not very comforting: there is overpopulation of aquarium, and most of its inhabitants by its very nature can not live peacefully with each other, always fighting, strong eat weak. In addition, different kinds of aquarium fish need in conditions that can be radically different. If such fish are placed in a single environment, many of them may get sick and die. Therefore, before buying the fish you need to learn some general basic rules.

Rules for choosing aquarium fish:

  1. If you don`t have a lot of time to care for the aquarium you need to choose only unpretentious kinds of aquarium fish.
  2. Purchase if possible few catfish. These aquarium “sanitation” are to pick up the remains of uneaten feed after the other fish. Catfish cannot boast with bright color , they are almost invisible in the aquarium, especially against the bottom. But among them there are representatives wiith a very peculiar form of the body. Pay your attention, for example at as catfish tarakatuma. It is characterized by big long of antennae and flexibility of body. Catfish – remora are “featured” with suckers, allowing them to often hang motionless, glued to the wall of the aquarium. There are more species, feeding on microscopic algae, and thus cleaning the walls, stones and decorative elements of the aquarium from the harmful plaque and ugly brownish-green.
  3. If you plan to install a large aquarium (50 liters), it is possible to have a bigger fish: cichlids, botsiya chess, gourami, angelfish, goldfish. In principle, fish should be chosen, always taking into account the volume of your aquarium, because the big fish will feel very bad in close surroundings. Watch also for your pets when they freely and deliberately “float” in the expanse of water, with plenty of room for it gives a true aesthetic pleasure.
  4. When determined with the choice of a particular type of fish, look closely to each individual vending. Its body should not be damaged, decay, excessive amounts of mucus, and so on. Fish should behave typical for the species. If it makes a nonsense sharp movements, scratched on the ground, leans to one side, a fish is better not to buy.