Recently, the information about the future plans of the famous singer Rihanna started to spread actively. Supposedly, the artist is planning to go back working on the design of jewelry in the near future.

To date, the reliability of this news is unknown, but the artist and her environment remain silent about the rumors. Perhaps, here one can use the old saying- “there is no smoke without fire”. If the spreading rumors will prove true, we will be able to see the new works Rihanna as a designer of jewelry.

It is worth recalling that in 2017, the singer had similar experience. Then she developed nine jewelries, among which were four pendants, earrings, bracelets, clips and rings. The collection was called “RIHANNA LOVES CHOPARD” and entered the market in summer 2017.

As stated by the star, her homeland (the island of Barbados) inspired her to create the jewelry. The singer reported that she wanted to embody the noisy carnivals, regularly held on the island, in her works. Rihanna also likes the flowering gardens and white beaches of her beloved homeland, as well as the azure waters of the ocean. Diamonds, ceramics and pink gold were used for the creation of the jewels.

The circulation of jewels was small. Each product was released in the amount of two thousand copies.

If Rihanna wants to go back creating the design of jewelry, we should start to forecast what it will be and where she will draw inspiration from this time. It is still unknown who is going to cooperate with the star for the realization of her idea.